Manager In English Settings looks Blurry - The Interface Text & # Not Clear

Hello Guys,
I am new to using Manager, working great with Arabic language, but when I try to set my my business with the English interface, all the text and numbers becomes blurry and really annoying to the eyes.
I have searched around for any clear solution in the forum, haven’t found anything except some solution using DPI compatibility and other solutions that didn’t work well.
Anyone has and idea how to solve this problem? Note, I am using the stand alone desktop version 21.11.95.

Hello @magedauf
Check after updating to latest version.

@magedauf if you are using Windows, turn on ClearType Text in your Windows settings.
you can Google this to find more details.

Complete Tutorial ( With Images ) On How to use Clear Type Text for Window Users. @sharpdrivetek Already ON guys and all programs and text on my laptop are perfect EXCEPT manager!

Thanks though Will try this although I have a 20 days ago released version. Updated to the latest version, no changes. same fuzzy unclear text

I have read Some articles about unclear text in browser.
all of them suggesting to use clear type text.
and if problem is not solved with this then try to update your browser or try to use manager in any other browser and
then check that text became normal or not.

try a different browser. @eko I am just curious to know how using a different browser would solve issues for the desktop edition of Manager which is a standalone program.

Hello @sharpdrivetek Using Different Browser Does Not solve the issue but it helps us to know weather it is a problem in manager Itself or it is a problem of browser.

Exactly, I am not using the online version, No browser to change. @eko

How can I open the desktop version in a browser?

Right Click on any screen & Then open in a new window.

This doesn’t apply on the desktop version.

Have you Installed Web View 2 Run Time ?

It is possible to open manager Desktop edition in browser with this method -

Nothing saying open in a new window

Actually manager Desktop will use your default browser. So if you change the default browser the way Manager displays it content changes also.

It actually does apply to desktop versions.