Manager desktop access

I have the free desktop version. I was in the program this morning, but now I don’t have access…was there an update or something else that would have caused this?

Manager Desktop version does not update automatically. The only way to update it is to download the latest update yourself. So the problem is not with Manager.

“I don’t have access” is not specific enough to know what is going on. However, anti-virus and anti-malware programs can cause problems. Check the quarantine / blocked lists for those type of programs to see if one of them is blocking Manager.

I was in it this morning. I did not do any function in it, just closed it. Now, when I click on my “shortcut”, it tells me “ManagerDesktop.exe” has been changed or moved. I can’t find it anywhere!

That’s not a Manager issue. That’s an issue with your operating system and how you may have changed or created shortcuts or moved files. Manager does not install shortcuts. Unless you deleted it, your program is right where it always was. Open it directly.

It is gone - I have not idea where it went! System restore?

I promise you, if it was installed, it did not go anywhere on its own. And your data hasn’t been touched, because it’s in a separate file. In the worst case, download and install a new copy. Open it and restore your business from the application data folder. See these Guides:

If ManagerDesktop.exe was removed from your system, you need to look at your anti-virus program (and other anti-malware, if installed). Those programs are automatically updated every day and are the likely source of your problem.

Anti-virus programs maintain a list of quarantined or blocked programs, and a list of safe programs. Open the anti-virus program and look through the lists. If you see ManagerDesktop.exe in the blocked / quarantined list, add it to the safe list.

I have tried to download and install a new copy, but I still get the same

Then I think you’ve moved it, a concept that includes “moving” it by having installed anti-virus software that moved it for you, as @dcVest discussed. What I’m trying to reinforce is the idea that Manager did nothing on its own to vanish. It has no code or mechanisms for deleting itself, or updating itself for that matter. Whatever problem you are experiencing is not a problem with Manager.

Try installing Manager once again, but when you get to the installation path during the installation process, like this:

change the path to something like this:

That may convince your anti-virus to leave the exe file alone.

I’m not blaming Manager, but it’s good to know that it doesn’t do anything on its own. I have searched the computer, the network and the antivirus for the program. It is gone. I just wanted some suggestions as to what else to try to restore it. I absolutely have no idea how it disappeared -
it doesn’t even show up in my “trash”.

You will need to get assistance from a local technician.

Make sure when you are installing, the installer location does not point to the windows temporary folder or such.

Contacting you again because I cannot find information online.

I finally was able to download the software and it recovered my
information. However, the program itself was a little different. My bank
accounts are now listed as “Cash Accounts”, and I don’t have the
reconciliation ability - unless I cannot find it. Can you help me?

Since your last post, the program went through a fairly major change. Read these release notes:

And see these newly revised Guides:

If your bank accounts don’t appear, that is because you had them set up incorrectly as cash accounts. You did not check the box to indicate they were maintained by a financial institution. You will also need to enable the Bank Transactions tab. If you had your accounts set up properly, that new tab would have been enabled automatically when you updated.

Your problem now is that there is no way to convert a cash account into a bank account. A high level conversion option has been mentioned, but does not exist yet. Depending on how many incorrectly classified transactions you have, you may need to manually delete them and re-enter them in a properly set up bank account.