Desktop version seems disappeard

It seems that Manager has disappeared from my desktop. And if I go to the website to download a new version, Norton warns me for a dangerous website and software. What is happening here? Do I have lost all my financial adminstration?
I don’t hope so, for I have had a lot of work entering all the past data.
Please give me a good advice to recover all my data and companies that were once saved on my destop

Maybe your antivirus has deleted Manager and now it prevents you to install Manager again.

This is not an issue with Manager, this is issue with your antivirus.

I think so. Against the warning of Norton I have downloaded Manager instead. And yes, all my data are back again.
Is this a known problem? Why wants Norton kill Manger?

I know nothing about that. You need to complain to vendor of your antivirus program.

Generally every antivirus vendor has a page where you can report false positives and they will check it out. And yes, it’s a common issue with antivirus programs flagging safe programs to be dangerous.