Manager update crashing on Mac Sierra

I’ve just updated to Manager 16.12.39 (Desktop) on MacOS Sierra 10.12.1. Manager is now crashing every time I try to print a sales invoice. Help please.

I cannot duplicate this problem. Version 16.12.39 prints fine for me on macOS 10.12.2.

Can you describe, click by click, what you are doing that causes the crash? Also, do you get any error messages?

  1. Generate Sales Invoice.
  2. Press “Print”
  3. Mac “Spinning wheel of death” appears.
  4. Manager crashes.
  5. When I reopen Manager I get the standard Apple crash message (see screenshot)

There have been sporadic problems, though not like this, on Macs when unusual characters are involved. So, a couple more questions/ideas:

  1. Are you using the default theme with no colored background, one of the other built-in themes, or a custom theme? If not the default theme, try using that and see what happens.

  2. Are you using a designated base currency? If so, which one? Go to Settings => Base Currency and click the X to remove any currency. See if the problem persists. (You can always change right back with no loss of data.)

Nope, have never changed Themes - am using the default theme. Removing the Base Currency ($NZD) did not solve the problem.

I really didn’t think either of those ideas would work. Did you update exactly as described in this Guide?

Also, are you able to generate a PDF with the PDF button? And can you print that? Finally, if you have the ability to print to another printer, try doing that. I have a suspicion there may be some conflict with your particular printer driver.

Yes, have tried 2 different printers, both wirelessly and cabled. Same crashing problem. Yes, have installed Manager updates as per instructions.

Generating a PDF and printing that PDF independently of Manager did work, so I guess I will have to use that option as a workaround.

Two days ago i had some problem installing other softwares or launching it the problem was Mac gatekeeper in the new OsSierra could you give it a try and disable it guide in the link below.

If that is the problem, there could be a simpler solution. @aymanjou’s post reminded me that about two years ago there was a problem with NGSoftware’s digital signing. That was resolved within a few hours, but it prompted me change a macOS setting. In your Security & Privacy pane under System Preferences, make sure the box is checked for App Store and identified developers:

Since NGSoftware is an identified developer, you shouldn’t have to disable Gatekeeper as suggested by @aymanjou.

I had a problem installing Parallels even changing it to Mac app store and
identified developer didn’t work on OsSierra they hide the Anywhere option
from gatekeeper you can only get it back by using the command in terminal
and it work. Am not saying it will fix the Manager problem but it may help
that why i suggest to try and disable the Gatekeeper.

I understand what you are saying, @aymanjou. I was only suggesting that if you are right about the source of the problem, @Qwerty may not need to go so far as adding the “Anywhere” option. I think the simpler approach is worth a try first.

@Qwerty, don’t invest too much thought in the digression over the last several posts on software installation and Gatekeeper. Software installation doesn’t seem to be your problem, since you can launch and operate Manager. You are only having trouble printing. I still think it’s an issue with either your computer or your printer, because I continue to be able to print with the Print button with the exact same version of Manager you have. I could do so with the current version of macOS, 10.12.2, as well as the last one, the one before that…

All I can suggest at this point is another update of Manager to be sure you didn’t get a corrupted bit somewhere. Just install it as with previous updates, even though it is the same version.

I am unable to carry out the update. When i click in the newly downloaded manager icon nothing happens! That is, i do not get the option to replace, cancel or duplicate the program.

I’m also on the macOS Sierra 10.12.2

Can some one help please?

Read the Guide and follow its instructions to the letter:

You don’t click the icon in the downloaded folder, you drag it to your Applications folder. Only if Manager was currently installed will you be offered the options to Keep Both, Stop, or Replace.

Or if you want to test it, you can avoid the security blockage by right-clicking and then selecting ‘Open’ to open the app.

Thank you both for you help. i have manage to update.