Manager can't be updated as usual!

While updating “Manager” as usual, my pc accidentally and completely switched off. From there and on, updating (or installing) keeps stop in the middle and shows the message on the picture. I think the solution is to reinstall the previous version, but unfortunately I deleted it I can’t get the previous version even I googled frquently because website offers only the up-to-date version.

Any helps is appreciated.

Maybe first uninstall the previous version and do a new install.


In windows, go to Settings > Apps > Apps and features and then select Manager and click Uninstall

Hopefully that will remove the failed installation.

Thank you all.
Unfortunately, Manager is not there. other solutions are appreciated.

Open the registry. Run regedit. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and delete NGSoftware Pty Ltd. This will delete the entry that points to the old install. As you have already uninstalled the program, there is no need to keep any of the registry entries relating to Manager.

Make sure that your database is safely backed up.

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I did, but nothing happened and the problem is still there. Any one or the developers may offer me the link of 22.7.5 version or or any other solutions.
Why are the previous versions deleted from official website? For me now I need it!! because my work acounting has stopped.

The screenshot says Windows can not find the current install file.


If you browse in Windows to that location, what do you find?

Old versions where never there! They are on github, see · GitHub

Can you please show a screenshot of Regedit → HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software and also answer @Patch if you tried to browse to This PC > Local Disk (:D) > Applications > Accounts as this is where you try to install Manager from.


I have used to delete the previous standallone version and install (update) the new one. In short, the stored version has been deleted from my pc.

I did, but unfortunately the last version there is 22.3.81 and I need

I have deleted not only that entry but all the entries and keys having “NGSoftware” and “ManagerDesktop” and the problem doesn’t slove.

Please don’t forget that I’m not a developer. The solution should be more simple and I think it is so, just a link to version!!

Why do you think a link to an old version will solve your problem?

The problem is that for some reason Windows can not install the program. I doubt that the version will ibnstall if the current version won’t install

Refer to the main problem description and picture above.
We need an active solution, give a solution, nothing else.

You need to pick from here Releases · Manager-io/Manager · GitHub

Did you try as advised to change the location?

This is disrespectful. We are all volunteers except @Lubos that are member of this forum and try to help resolve issues. The strength of this forum is that many help and many solutions have come about this way. A solution can only be offered based on what we know you did or did not.

As you are not appreciating my effort I stop giving you further advise on this issue and wish you all the best solving it.