Manager can't be updated as usual!

You think wrong.
You have a hardware fault (the power went off) corrupting your hard disk and windows installation. This is not a Manager problem, it is a hardware or operator problem. From the current state the solution may need professional local support.

You can try some forum suggestions but if that is beyond your level of expertise you will need to employ someone locally.

Go back to the registry and and look in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software as you may have installed the software as admin.

If you don’t see it there, then click on Computer - at the top of Registry editor and then click Edit menu and Find in Registry Editor. Look for NGSoftware or NrgSoftware or Manager-Win-x64- to see if you can find the registry entry that is referring to the older version.

The issue is not with Manager, but is an issue with msi install failing because it is looking for an older version of the install file. The solution is to delete the registry entries relating to Manager - wherever they may be in the registry - which may be in hkey-local-machine rather than users.

For example I found some entries for Manager here (using the search) -


The numbers I am seeing in my registry will be different from your registry because they are different on each computer. Therefore use the find option in edit menu.

In the instance above, you would delete the key 282164…

Backup the registry first.

If you still cannot get anywhere with the registry, then run system restore and restore you PC to a date before your attempted uninstall and PC crash.

Thanks a lot for the link. That link that I need, it has all versions. I picked the adviced version, installed it, and then updated to last version and everything is perfect.
Again, thank you all.
This is a great app having a nice forum.