Backing up and restoring businesses

Backup is a function in Manager which allows archiving of accounting data so it may be used to restore the original data after a data loss event. Backups have two distinct purposes. The primary purpose is to recover data after it is lost. The secondary purpose of backups is to recover data from an earlier time.

Backups can also be used as a mechanism of transferring accounting data between two different computers or between different editions of the program.

As long as new accounting data is being recorded, backups will need to be performed at frequent intervals. The most common method of performing a backup in Manager is to use the Backup button in the top-right corner when working with an accounting entity.

If multiple accounting entities need to be backed up, the process needs to be repeated for each accounting entity.

Restoring business from backup

Restoring from backup is done using the Import Backup option under the Add Business button.

When you use “Import Backup”, it creates a new business with the same name and does NOT overwrite an existing business if that business is still listed on the Manager opening page. Before using “Import Backup” there is a couple of steps to consider.

If the business is still listed on the Manager opening page you could delete it first. If you delete the business, this will remove the business name from the Manager opening page but does not delete the actual business data file, leaving it available for recovery if required.

If you want to keep the existing business as well, then you need to rename it before doing the “Import Backup” so you know which business is which. Before using the Summary tab Rename feature go to Settings - Business Details and enter the Trading Name (if it hasn’t already been completed). Doing this will ensure that the business name on documents, Sales Invoices etc. will remain unchanged. Just using the Summary tab Rename feature (without entering the Trading Name) will cause all documents to also have a name change.