Backing Up Invoices

I am trying to make a backup copy of all my accounting invoices in case my computer ( knock on wood ) decides to bite the dust. I click the backup button on the upper right hand side and save the document as a " Manager Database" file. However, every time I try to reopen the new folder to see if it worked, it says " The document could not be opened. Manger cannot open files of this type."

There is no other format I can save it in, and I need to make a backup copy of this and get it into a USB drive. Unfortunately looks like Im going to have to buy QuickBooks and spend a few days copying every invoice hand for hand so I can make a backup? Or how can I go about backing up these files so that they will open again?

Thanks in advance.

PS Running on Macbook Pro running OSX Yosemite 10.10.3

No need to buy QuickBooks.

First, you cannot back up just invoices. The Backup function saves all information in Manager, so the backup provides complete restoration of functionality. But I don’t think it just copies the file.

Second, you are correct that you cannot open the backup file directly (such as by double-clicking it). That is the way things are supposed to work. Perhaps the wording of the dialog screen is a little misleading.

Third, the way to restore data is to click on the Businesses tab on the top menu bar. Then click the blue dropdown button Add Business and select Import Backup. Navigate to the location where you’ve backed up (apparently a USB drive) to import the data. Unless you change the location of the primary Manager folder, the restored data will go to the same location as the original data. So this isn’t quite like comparing Office documents to see if they are the same. If you really want peace of mind, install Manager on a different computer and import your backup to it from the USB drive. You’ll have a parallel accounting system.

When you use the backup button on the top right of the screen, you will be saving to a folder of your choice a file with the ‘.manager’ extension. This is a complete copy of your business database. Not just invoices but everything you’ve recorded.

To restore it, you need to use the “Add Business” button visible when you first open Manager. Under this button is the option to “Import Backup”. Use this option to select the ‘.manager’ file and your database will be restored under a new business heading.