Backup with desktop version

Can I backup my data if I am using the desktop version?

Click Backup button at the top right when you open the Manager business.

To be safe, you should choose a backup location separate from the computer on which you normally run Manager. This can be any accessible drive, including a flash drive.

tried that but not sure how to save the back up - it doesn’t seem to work

How do I do that when I try to copy and paste the program onto a USB it just pastes a shortcut not the actual file

You don’t copy the program. If you ever need a backup of the program, just download a new one from the web site.

You also do not copy and paste the data file. When you click the Backup button on the top right corner of any screen except the launch screen, you will be presented with an opportunity to navigate to a location of your choice. Choose where you want the backup to be and Manager stores a backup copy of the data file there.

If I down load a new one from the web - (desktop version) will it have all my information /data on it?
Tried the clicking backup and save it to desktop -it saves as google chrome icon - how do I get the back up from that?
Does manager have a phone number you can call to get help?

No. Your data is stored by Manager on your computer (primary) or on some other accessible drive (backup). Only the application is downloaded. When you use the desktop version, only you have access to your data.

There is no point saving a backup file on your desktop. If your hard drive crashes, both your primary and backup files will be lost. Save it on some other hard drive or a USB flash drive. But just see how it works, you can save a backup in some folder somewhere on your hard drive.

[quote=“mareni, post:7, topic:4157”]
Does manager have a phone number you can call to get help?
[/quote]No. The support is via this forum.

I have now tried to save on to a USB - but it doesn’t open up just keeps saying it is downloading.
This is what I am doing - clicking on back up the dialogue box appears with save as - the only file type option is manager database (*manager)
I choose that save on the USB it saves as a Google Chrome icon.
When I open that it just does a continuous download.
As I cant actually talk to someone - could you please give detailed instructions on how to back up a desktop version

You don’t open the data file directly. You import it to Manager via the Add Business button. Be sure you have read the Guide at

This result says you are doing something incorrectly, and that you are not describing exactly what you are doing. It sounds as if perhaps you downloaded the application via Chrome and are trying to do something within that browser. No browser is involved in the backup process. Once Manager has been installed, both backing up and restoring via import are handled through Manager itself.