Mail Error - req

I used to send the Supplier Statement in pdf format by e-mail, directly from Manager, using my own e-mail address. For some reason, this doesn’t work any more.

I’m getting an error message: "Unable to connect to the remote server "

Can you please, help?

If should Upgrade to the latest version mean,how can i upgrade ?

Update exactly the same way you originally installed Manager. The exact procedures depend on your operating system. Don’t uninstall anything first; that happens automatically. It is a good idea to make a backup of your data before updating.

ok i will backup but when i backup will the whole data get saved or just the page i click. should i click each page to backup for example should i click the backup in cash accounts at a time and click backup in sales invoice to save it , or is it just enough to click backup once to save all the data

Backups store the entire history of a single business, every transaction and form ever created. See the Guide: