Emails wont send

Upgrade to the latest version of Manager. It has simplified Email settings screen (less fields) and some improvements which should make this error to go away.

It still dosnt send email even when you install the update.
You provide no customer service whatsoever! If this problem isnt sorted by the end of the month ill be finding new software

Installing the update by itself won’t solve any problem. You still have to enter the proper SMTP credentials for your email provider. Posting a complaint and threat like you did without any information makes it impossible for anyone to help you.

@Fierce_Media the person who has started this topic has confirmed her emails are working now after upgrading and entering the correct details. We can help you if you post more information such as your email provider and what error you get.

Under the host setting.

Are you using custom email (domain)? The setting might not be your domain name, such as popular one: gmail, outlook, hotmail.

For example your domain/website name might be, "", your STMP setting might not be “” but it could be your email provider name, for example.

If you log into your email through web browser you may be able to find out the IMAP/POP/STMP setting information.

Good luck.

@lubos I mentioned it once before but I can’t find where, but would it be possible to have a Send to email button that opens up the users email client with the item to be sent attached in PDF.
I know you can print it to PDF then attach it, but if it was built in then the user could select from their address books with one click.
This would solve a) emails not working. b) multiple email addresses for receipts/payments/orders with the same client, etc.

@VACUUMDOG most users use a “website” as their default email client. Try to click this link to see if it opens your default email client. For most people it won’t.

And even if it would, there is no provision in mailto protocol to attach documents. Only ability to set recipient, subject and body.

Yeah, it does work for me. I just thought it may have been possible within the PDF generator itself.

Functionally that could still work.
It would mean the user would need to

  1. Save a pdf
  2. Click email link
  3. Drag the PDF onto the email to attach it

So not as good as emailing from within Manager but email clients do have better support for email servers than Manager (support port 465).