The remote name could not be resolved: ''

I am trying to email Invoices to client but the message comes “The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’”…One other thing I am trying to check the previous sent invoices via mail but unable to open through Manager

Upgrade to the latest version from, that will fix the issue.

Thanks Latest version has sort out the issue but when i am checking the Email Sent items history there is no view PDF tab, how i can know which invoice i have been sent to my client

RE: The remote name could not be resolved: ‘’ ERROR MESSAGE
Iubus: “Upgrade to the latest version from http://www.manager.io35, that will fix the issue.”
QUESTION: There is no update button on the site…only “DOWNLOAD.” If I download using the DOWNLOAD button, will it clear my past history on MANAGER? I.e., does it overwrite the therefore clear all historical records.
I am using it on desktop free, and am considering purchasing in January.
Please clarify how to update without losing any data.

It does not delete any data while installing the updated download!

No, just download it (like you did when you first installed it on you’re computer) over the top , none of your data will be lost.

I have the same issue. The problem is I am getting this message when trying to send the invoice only to one particular client. All other invoices were sent without any problems. I have tried to install the recent version as well but it did not solve the problem.

Update! By removing Manager and then re-installing it the error is fixed now. Thanks.

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