E-mail error message

I used to send the Purchase Orders in pdf format by e-mail, directly from Manager, using my own e-mail address. For some reason, this doesn’t work any more.

I’m getting an error message: “The remote name could not be resolved: “rpc.manager.io”.”

Can you please, help?

Upgrade to the latest version.

Thank you!! It works now.

How do you update the latest version?

The same way you installed your existing version. Normally, there is no need to uninstall anything first. Exact procedures depend on your operating system. Go to https://www.manager.io/desktop/download.


I wont loose anything?

No. Your accounting data is not in the program, but in a separate data file called by the program. It is always a good idea to make a backup on a separate drive before updating, of course. See this Guide: