Problems with sending email

When i try to send a invoice as a mail, i get the next error:

De externe naam kan niet worden omgezet: ‘’ (in english this should be translated as: the external name can’t be converted: ‘’)

I didn’t have this problem before so my question is how is this possible and how can i fix this error.

Update to the latest version, which should resolve your problem.

Hi Tut

I have the same problem with the email. I have version 14.12.22
How can I upgrade without losing the data?

You are several hundred versions out of date. Just download and install the program exactly as you did previously. There is no need to uninstall anything. The installation will remove your old version.

Your accounting data is not stored in the program, but in separate data files, which the new version will use. For safety, of course, click on the Backup button first to backup the files at a separate location, preferably on another drive. You can use any drive accessible by your computer, even a USB flash drive.