Inventory items not autofilling descriptions

@lubos I did update all my inventory items and added line description and checked Hide item name on printed documents
Now I got another issue, I noticed with my previously created credit notes they don’t have a legacy layout or line description. If the legacy layout is removed the invoice view will just show me inventory item since I didn’t need to use the item description before.

You are correct about the legacy layout. That temporary feature applies only to sales invoices. And it will not be expanded to other transaction types before it is removed from the program.

But credit notes do have the Column - description option, just like other transactions. Check the box.

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Thanks, I see it now. I’m adapting my custom themes to the new layout my issue now is the old transactions.

What issue? And if it is not related to hiding the Account column, please start a different topic.

It is related actually.I followed @lubos advice and checked Hide item name on printed documents the problem is I don’t have a line description in my older invoices ( because I didn’t have any use for Autofill line description when I created those invoices before this update)
Now all my old invoices look like this:

I need to manually enter the line description for my old invoices which needs an enormous amount of time.

Why do you need to update old invoices? I mean, you are most probably never going to use/need them.

That probability is not that high for me. I agree it is not something that you do every day but occasionally I get requests for it (I got two this week).
It is especially annoying because re-entering the item name on the same line does not bring the description. I have to enter the item name in a new line then copy qty and price and delete the old line now imagine doing this for 20 items.

I use folders external to Manager created for each customer and save all invoices and other important documents to them. Same goes for Balance Sheet and P&L yearly statements, which go to a folder created for them for each fiscal year. No need to look back.

This is inexplicable. The right combination of entries and options will produce results you want. There is no need to delete and re-enter line items.

Please elaborate because I don’t know how to fix this:
this is my edit screen:

and this is the item edit screen (the invoice was created prior to adding the line description to the item):

and this is the result:

I have moved this into a separate bug topic.

But I need you to confirm one thing @BawarYassin.

Did you check Column -- description first before adding your inventory items to the lines? Or was it the other way around?

This is not a bug. You have no item description and item name hidden in your example. So the account name shows. Changing item definitions now does not change old transactions. When you re-enter the transaction, current settings are applied.

Fix your old transactions with Batch Update.

But @Tut, if you look at this screenshot, you can see the Autofill -- Line description is checked for the inventory item Apple and the related text field contains the value “Apple.”

I think the expected behavior here is for the invoice line to show “Apple”, or did I miss something?

If the item description was added after the invoice was created this will not update all previous invoice item descriptions, you will need to revisit the invoice and edit then delete the item then re select to have the latest description show, this is as designed so not to disturb old data.
As @Tut already said.

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I had around 600 invoices before this update was introduced. Some of them have Column -- description checked but most of them have it unchecked nonetheless the end result is the same. The view screen of those invoices is useless now since they all became inventory items instead of item names.

Exactly, but how should I know that it is a must to have an item description?
items lines show up as one cell in excel editing those cells is the same if not harder that doing it manually in manager

It appears to me as a bug during transition between versions and could be solved in another transition to a newer version.

What happened to the old description field? I think it was associated with this checkbox but somehow all the previously prefilled line descriptions disappeared from invoices automatically.

So I don’t know why they should be corrected manually?

I agree, anything that was permitted in the past should seamlessly flow into an updated version without manual editing.