Issues in Receipts/Payments & Invoices

A) When there is any payment made by a customer, the invoice # supposed to be removed from the list of pending invoices, however it’s not happening and system keep showing the invoice, which is not logical. The same applies to any payment made to suppliers, the already settled invoice keeps appearing in the list.

B) When there any receipt/payment created the amount should be automatically comes, however it’s not happening and have to enter manually.

C) System is saving the invoice or receipt/payment even with ZERO, suppose to give msg that enter the amount…

the logic behind this have been explained in innumerable topics over the past many years. please search the forum.

again this too have been discussed many times and is already in the ideas category.

there are situations where you need to issue or receive zero valued invoices.

I do not understand what you mean by this. If you create a new receipt or payment while viewing a sales or purchase invoice, the full balance due is automatically populated. If you create a receipt or payment from scratch, you must enter the quantities and unit prices (to get the amount) yourself. How could the program know what you want to enter?

A) Removal of Invoice from the Receipt:
Receipt - Full receipt for the Sales Invoice, means full settlement, this should not be in the list of the Invoices while making another receipt, however currently Manager is still showing and it’s a BUG.
Payment - Full payment of the Purchase Invoice, means full settlement, this should not be in the list of the Invoices while making another payment, however currently Manager is still showing and it’s a BUG.

The only exception to the above, when partial receipt/payment and still amount outstanding.

What’s the logic of keeping the invoices if they are settled?

B) Manager should be able to pick the amount automatically and if they user want to change, able to edit manually.

C) Understood

Neither behavior is a bug. The program functions as designed. Had you searched the forum as @sharpdrivetek suggested, you would have read several explanations for why the program behaves this way. While some users wish—as you do—that paid invoices would vanish, it is necessary to preserve the ability to post payments where payers direct they should go. Sometimes customers pay more than invoiced as an indication of satisfaction—like a gratuity. Sometimes people pay more in anticipation of a revised invoice because of a contract change. Sometimes they make mistakes, but it is necessary to associate a receipt with the invoice so it is not automatically applied to another one. There are dozens of legitimate reasons.

Where do you suggest Manager should pick the amount from when entering a manual receipt? You did not answer my earlier question on this point. If you want the program to automatically fill the balance due, generate the receipt from the sales invoice view screen, as I told you earlier. Then the program knows where to get the number.

@sharpdrivetek please share the earlier forums.

@Tut yes exceptions are possible but most of the systems work in simple way and if full settled archieve the document numbers. These are pretty basics for any accounting solution, I think overlooked by developers.

@Tut have you seen the screenshots provided, perhaps you overlooked the matter, please see again to get the answer of your question for automatically taking the amounts.

Hi any updates?

you are asking for updates on topics already explained many times on the forum. as suggested please find the earlier topics and read them to understand the reasons why it is the way it is. you can utilize the search function on the forum to find relevant topics.

We are here to support each other, couldn’t find the similar topic that’s why requested you @sharpdrivetek to share.

Anyway point B is yet to answer by @Tut


There are many topics on this subject, one being Grouping purchase invoices for single payment I asked the same question back in 2014, it seems it’s not a favourite for the developer to support despite the huge amount of requests it’s had over the years. He did give a solution of making old invoices inactive so they did not show in drop-down lists but no changes have been made yet so I would not hold my breath.

And a few more topics-

And in the ideas category

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Many thanks for advocating the issue, we believe Manager is an excellent solution for Micro enterprises, however sometimes it’s surprising to see some of the basics are treated differently from the rest of the solutions available in the market, it’s making us in trouble as consultants to explain the customers the reason of missing functionalities (which are must have in a standard solution), what’s been observed that development made significant changes but we believe should prioritize the issues and spend lesser time on secondary issues, the core issues such as A & B should not be ignored.

@lubos your kind attention require please!


In the last linked topic (in the ideas category) there is a solution I use which I find actually more favourable than your complaint.

Using the statement then copying to new receipt/payment I find, for multiple invoices, is a much faster process, and for a single invoice just click on the P/S Invoice tab, view the invoice then select new Payment/Receipt, all data is filled in.

Using these methods I’m really not bothered if your complaint is supported or not as it isn’t an issue.

Please give it a try.

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Final verdict assumed:
A) Manager don’t have solution at the moment to achieve old invoices.
B) There is a bug in server edition that it not taking the prices automatically, whereas it was tested on the Desktop version, it’s seems okay.
C) Due to certain reasons, invoices can be ZERO value.
Kindly someone confirm and if mistaken pls elaborate as these are basic things in any system, nothing fancy!

@danowagroup, you have already been told repeatedly:

A) This is by design.

B) This is not a bug. And the desktop edition does not automatically take a price from anywhere when manually creating a receipt. The software is the same in all editions.

There is nothing further to elaborate.