Receiving multiple payments from one customer


I have customers who have several invoices outstanding. Can I enter a single payment that will cover all those outstanding invoices. I entered the full amount (of all the invoices) on one invoice and while it showed on the customer report as the customer now has a zero balance, the one invoice showed an overpayment, but the other outstanding invoices were still showing the full amounts owing. Just wonder if its possible to have payments that could be applied to a customer report against invoice numbers


Ron, I am new to Manager so my suggestion may not be the best one.

  • in the account field you would of course select Accounts Receivables’
  • in the Sales Invoice field you select one of the customer’s open invoices and enter the appropriate amount against that invoice
  • click on SPLIT and repeat previous step for next open invoice
  • do same for each invoice paid by customer

The dropdown menu at the ‘Sales Invoice’ field shows customer name and invoice number but it would be really nice if it would also show the balance of that particular invoice


Hi ennemm
Thank you so much for you advice did the job. I did notice that you have to make a list of the outstanding invoice numbers before you start as all invoices show up in the drop down list including those that have been paid previously, maybe it might be possible that only outstanding invoices could be displayed or even some drop down system for a particular customer. Not a hassle at all really, might just improve speed of processing, anyway thank you again much appreciated


This is one of the important option im looking for which will make my work easy.
@lubos when can we expect this update?


I totally agree


I will try to do this before end of this month but it’s soft promise (I really want to bring documentation up to date first)


Hi Lubos, have you had a chance to look at this again.


Hi Lubos, any update on this?


Yes, this has been implemented.

You can now allocate payments to special Customer credits account. If there are outstanding invoices, Manager will automatically distribute the amount across them.


Of course, you can still post against specific invoices but if you want Manager to match payments against invoices automatically, then allocating amounts received against Customer credits account is way to go.

The same concept works for suppliers too. Payments to suppliers can be allocated against Supplier credits account.


Thank you.


When I select an invoice and select receive payment it is a very simple process to receive that money in accounts receivable, but if I then select another line and want to select another invoice for that customer, I select accounts receivable, and instead of all outstanding invoices for that particular customer, I have a huge list of all invoices for everyone which I have to scroll through to find another outstanding invoice, and that list will also include invoices that have been paid. Is it possible that when we select another line and then accounts receivable that only outstanding invoices for the customer selected show up. Or do we use Customer Credit payments as default for receiving money.


I just noticed that the Customer Credit that a particular has is continually being reapplied to invoice after invoice as an overpayment transfer and credit allocation over and over again resulting in a long list of repeating transactions carrying the original amount forward through all subsequent invoices for that customer. Is there a way to use Customer credits without the automatic feature. It seems to me this was the way it worked when I first used it in an earlier version. Anyway, it seems to keep track of credits by customer but when I look at all those transactions by clicking it on the Summary page it isn’t clear to me what’s going on for any particular customer and under customer tab I no longer see which customers have a credit since it is applied to newly created invoices only to be reallocated back to customer credits when the invoice is paid. More of a hindrance than a help to us really.


@norfolkislandam I’m planning to implement some archiving function that would allow you to archive closed invoices so they won’t show as sub-accounts under Accounts receivable. This should eliminate the clutter. However, most of the time, it should be fine to allocate the payment from customer to Customer credits account and let the system allocate the amount paid against invoices automatically.


@esenicki, I agree the ledger is not very obvious what’s going on. How about I will improve the ledger so you can “view” some sort of worksheet for each automated entry so it allows you to understand why that automated entry exists at all.

It’s true that customer credit (if available) is automatically applied to newly created outstanding invoice but why it’s wrong? Can you outline the reason why you don’t want the credit to be applied? What is it purpose for this credit then?


Our business is a service business where our customers get invoices on a weekly, bi-weekly or random basis. Some customers don’t always pay the same amounts each time. Sometimes they leave cheques with the wrong amounts because they are expecting a different amount for the upcoming invoice or they just get mixed up. We keep track of these “errors” as a credit (+or-) and carry it forward to be used against open invoices when enough accumulates or move it to an income account (like a tip) at year end. The credit amounts are usually small and are shown under the customer tab which I like. However, when they are automatically applied to new invoices which are not yet paid, they “disappear” from the customer tab until that invoice gets paid in full. It’s not wrong, just confusing and unnecessary complication for us.


Archiving closed invoices would be good. My problem is that I rarely have any customer only pay a part of an invoice, so their payments are always with reference to an invoice number or invoice numbers, so if for example they make a payment for invoice no. 2 of $40.00, but invoice no. 1 for $60.00 is outstanding will using Customer Credit automatically allocate $40.00 off invoice 1.

The clutter happens only when a customer has more than one outstanding invoice.


It will allocate to the invoice with earlier due date. If due date was not specified on invoice, then the allocation will be to the invoice with earlier issue date.

In your case, if customer mentions invoice number, you should match the payment with that invoice specifically and not use Customer credits account as customer was explicit what invoice they paid for.


I am getting more confused. I just entered a customer payment that was a small amount less than the actual invoice. I decided to make a credit note for the difference assigning it to the invoice. The customer now has a balance of zero as shown under the customer tab. However, Manager now has automatically transferred the underpayment to the Customer credit account. Why? How can I reverse this? I think this is wrong.


The customer credits shown under the customer tab ARE shown correctly for the case last mentioned. The screen for customer credits on the Summary page is what is confusing me. I guess I should just ignore it for now.


Also the balance for the Customer credits seems wrong given that there is only the one transaction and not a pair of opposite transactions with a balance of zero. Just saying.