Grouping purchase invoices for single payment

I have multiple purchase invoices per supplier and usually group them by supplier and pay them off once a month, to cut down on transactions on bank statement.

Is it possible on manager to group multiple purchase invoices per supplier to pay off in one go?

Every purchase invoice is basically a sub-account under Accounts payable liability account.

So when paying one purchase invoice from bank account, you can click Split button to split payment and add as many purchase invoices to be matched against single payment as required.

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That’s great thanks. Sorry I should have noticed that !

On the purchase invoice drop down it lists all previous invoices, is it possible to only show unpaid invoices with the amounts owing next to it ?

Great work Lubos.

There will be soon ability to archive invoices, general ledger accounts, inventory items, customers, suppliers and really anything. This will be a generic method to get no longer used options out of drop-down boxes.

In relation to this topic, is it possible for the program to automatically fill in the amount after purchase invoice been selected? This would be a great time saver when we have to pay several invoices to a supplier.

It’d be great if this feature could be implemented for sales invoices as well.


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