Recording a receipt for multiple invoices

I have recieved payment from customers for 3 invoices together in bank account.
Now i am recording the receipt of the payment as new receipt.

when i select the account receivable then corresponding customer and then invoice number, the amount should be reflected automaticallly which is not happening and i have to fill it manually.
i do add line for corresponding next invoice for which the amount has been recieved together with the first invoice in bank account.

is there any way so that as soon as select the invoice the correspomding amount is reflected. ???


No, this only happens if you select the New Receipt button when viewing an invoice.

If you just enter the total amount without selecting the invoice number, the receipt will be allocated to the invoices with the oldest due date.

But if you want to track which invoices have been paid, then you will have to do as you said

Alright thanks mate…!!!
i hope devs make this happen in future release… :slight_smile:

How would the program know what you wanted to allocate the receipt to? When you generate a new receipt while viewing an existing invoice, it is reasonable to assume you want to allocate to that invoice. Otherwise, what basis would the program have for allocating to some other invoice? Suppose you sell daily to a customer and have 30 invoices pending. Your customer is short of cash and pays for 10. Which 10 are those? And what if the receipt does not exactly cover any specific group of invoices?

ok…i guess my query wasn’t clear to you…
Here the amount i received mentions all the invoices for the which the payment is made…!!!
Now i am adding a receipt and adding it in "Account Receivables // Customer // Invoice Number " . (image for your ref.)

The question here was when i m selecting the respective invoice why does the amount does not reflect automatically and shows zero for that invoice and i have to enter it manually…!!!

i hope now it is clear to you…!!!
And this thing of getting the amount automatically on selecting the respective invoice, i was hoping could be done in future release…!!!


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I understand what you are suggesting, @pranay. The fact remains, allocations to additional invoices are not always in the exact amount outstanding. You might personally like the program to automatically fill the balance of the invoice. Others might not, because their customers might typically pay in installments. No accounting program can match the personal preferences of all users. Changing Manager to match your preferences means it will no longer match others.

i guess majority of the business invoices are either paid in full or not paid and not in installments…!!!
i was just saying by default instead of keeping zero why not full invoice amount and later one can change in case if it is installment kind of thing…!!!

Hello @pranay, I had a similar issue as yourself with suppliers (Accounts payable)
I too have been having to write down the Suppliers invoice totals for quite some time now to pay with a single payment.

I have an easy way (I wish I had found sooner!)

In your case, (Accounts Receivable),
Just click Reports Tab, then click Customer Statements (Unpaid invoices) click View to view the Statement then click Copy to then click New Receipt and there you have it, a new receipt with all totals filled in.

Same method with Accounts Payable just click (Supplier Statements (Unpaid invoices))

Great time saver!


@itmoto , The way you record your receipts is good. But still, is not the complete solution. I have customers with more than 15 open invoices (yeah I know, lots of invoices).
A customer gave me a check paying 2 invoices. I would have to eliminate the other 13 invoices, so that is not a time saver at all.
I’m not saying that is the case for everyone. But mine is.

I fully support this comment. It is more logic to choose an invoice and the total should automatically appear. Otherwise, you have to go back into the invoice section and see the total of the invoices you want to pick for the receipt.

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Unfortunately this has been requested since May 2014 and has not been supported


It seems it is not a favourite of Lubos.

The solution I mentioned is the only one for now…

@itmoto ohh i dint knew that…thanks mate…Now i would try the way suggested by you … :slight_smile:

@INTERC yes exactly …right now i am going back to invoice section and see the total and then typing in there is lil bit time taking and also prone to error when in hurry though not always…!!!

Yes I also support the comment or feature requested by @ Pranay.

I agree that when an invoice is selected the amount unpaid should auto fill, this can always be edited.

Another option, even for Desktop Edition users, instead of going backwards and forwards between the tabs do this.

You have the Receipts and Payments tab open. Right click (for window users) the Sales or Purchase Invoices tab and select “open in new window”. Now all you have to do is click between each open window. For mac users, I think you need to drag instead of right click.