Auto insert of amount is not always work when making payment

Hi there,
Thanks for great piece of software and even greater ideas.

When making payment for the invoice (and when receiving) from “Cash Accounts” menu (Cash Account > Current account > Receive money or Spend money), I have auto lookup and fill option for supplier or customer, invoice, but not the amount:

Although when paying from “Sales Invoice” or “Purchase Invoice” (Sales or Purchase invoice > Receive or Spend money) everything (including amount) is inserted in payment form:

Am i doing wrong something or this may be bug?
Using Manager version 17.1.64
Thank you.

Nothing wrong and not a bug.

When you elect to record a receipt or payment from with the Sales or Purchase Invoices tabs, by click the applicable button while viewing a specific invoice, Manager presumes you will probably satisfy the invoice in full. At the least, it knows the balance due on the invoice and can open the entry screen with that information prepopulated.

But when you start in the Cash Accounts tab to spend or receive money, the program doesn’t know where you’re headed. Even after you select Accounts receivable or Accounts payable, it doesn’t know, so it doesn’t fill in a customer or supplier. Add one of those; it still doesn’t know. You might be entering an advance payment, deposit, or funds transfer related to any invoice. Finally, you specify an invoice. Is it being paid in full? Who knows?

So rather than think of it the second situation as a shortcoming, think of the first as a little benefit. In either case, the amount is editable. One situation begins with knowledge of an invoice, so the program prepopulates the amount. You might need to change that. The other situation begins with knowledge of a cash account but no knowledge of the invoice, so it prefills nothing. At some point, the program could start guessing. But if it worked that way, there would be users flooding the forum complaining they were misled into entering incorrect amounts.

If I start to enter payments, but do not know exact amount for each invoice? And have single big payment for few of them? I need to guess or go to invoice menu, print list and go back to enter. I prefer have outstanding amount in front when entering amounts, what saves time, is more convenient approach and I do not need guess. If form has a function to insert invoice, then it is capable to calculate and insert outstanding amount for that invoice in payment form (what in fact it does), again, excluding from guessing and additional search. This is implementation works from one menu, but does not work from other and this is the question.

I understood your question. I explained why things are as they are.

If you leave the invoice number blank, Manager will apply the payment to the outstanding invoices, starting with the oldest.

That is new for me, thanks

I also think that the invoice totals should be populated when recording a receipt (and Payment), to make it easier for those users who wish to select each invoice rather than leaving invoice selection blank and let Manager apply payment to outstanding invoices.

I am one of those users who wish to do it that way and for me, it gives a stronger visual link attaching those invoices with the payment.

If you are selecting Accounts recievable then selecting the Customer then click on the invoice list, you should see the total on each invoice and whether it has been paid or not (in my opinion) like this:

I see improvements have been made regarding showing only invoices for that customer which is great.

I think when you select the outstanding invoices e.g. #21 the total 108.00 should be automaticly populated, then, if need be, you could click on the total to edit. I think majority of the time these wouldn’t need to be edited.