Inventory value movement per location

can I have report about inventory value movent per location? When I create inventory value movement report only shows value of inventory in comprehensive whereas I need inventory value per location.


@lubos I think this is mandatory addition to Manger. What is the use of having inventory location feature, if you can get inventory movement per location, or stock balance per location. Appreciating implementing this addition as soon as possible.


yes, i agreed that
inventory module needs improvement
normally, user wants to search by location or quantity
now it’s not convenience for user if there 1000 + items or multi location
hope this features will be implemented very soon in Manager


I want to get Inventory movement for one of inventory location. Since there is no report to provide such yet, I would appreciate an assistance to create a custom report that can be as follow:

Column: Inventory Item Name
Column: Opening balance quantity
Column: Total quantity in
Column: Total quantity out
Column: Closing balance quantity


I would be surprised if someone writes a custom report for you. If you really want that service I suggest you hire a local programmer.

On the other hand if you want some help in using Managers custom report writer, then you will need to read the relevant guide, make a reasonable attempt to write your custom report, then post your report definition screenshot, it’s results, and a description of what else you can’t do.

For an approach to starting custom reports see Custom Report Not Returning Transaction Type Properly - #12 by Patch

This would best be done in a different thread

Actually custom reports in the accounting program Manager, reports on accounting transactions, something which involves money. These all start with general ledger entries, but custom reports can display all linked data.

What you are describing is a database enquiry not starting at an accounting transaction. That is not possible with Manager’s custom reports. It is possible with Manager’s report transformations however they appear to be in a state of change and given the appetite for programming you have displayed, they may not be your thing.

I’m still waiting for that report.
But not just for stock value.
For stock value and quantities.

Good idea :ok_hand:. Such a report location wise would be very helpful to track if any inventory item were swapped by mistake to another location when making goods receipt.

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