[16.11.93] Added ability to track physical location of inventory items

The latest version extends inventory capabilities so you can track physical movement of inventory items. This means you can keep track of items you have purchased from suppliers which haven’t been received or keep track of sold items which haven’t been shipped to customers. If you have multiple inventory locations (e.g. warehouse + retail shop), you can also keep track of quantities across those locations.


You can enter the purchase of inventory items from a supplier when you receive the purchase invoice but you may not have received the inventory items at the same time. Your supplier might ship items as you order them and issue an invoice once a month. Or you might receive an invoice on the same day as your order (e.g. by email) while your items arrive a few days later (e.g. by post). This also applies to customers if sales invoices are not issued on the same day as the items are shipped.

The inventory quantities on hand for accounting purposes may not match the items physically on hand in your possession. The quantities can be reconciled by clicking the Qty figure under the Inventory Items tab to view the breakdown of inventory items by location:

In the example above, the report shows you have 50 items but only 10 are in your possession. The other 40 items were purchased but not yet delivered.

To track physical movements of your inventory items between your business location and your suppliers, you will need to enable the tab Goods Receipts.

To record inventory items received from your supplier, create a New Goods Receipt.

The document can be printed and given to the supplier as a confirmation of goods received.

Once the goods receipt is created, your qty report for this inventory item under the Inventory Items tab will show all 50 items are on hand.

Selling inventory items is similar. When you sell an inventory item using a sales invoice, your quantity report can look like this:

The quantity for accounting purposes is 45 but the quantity in the warehouse is still shown as 50. This is because we have sold 5 items but they have not been shipped to the customer. To record the shipment you will need to create a New Delivery Note under the Delivery Notes tab (or to save time you can view a sales invoice and copy the content of the invoice into a delivery note).

The examples above are simple but if you have multiple suppliers and multiple customers, tracking the physical location of your inventory items will be essential.

Inventory returns

The examples show how to record the movement of inventory items received from supplier or shipped to a customer. If you return items to a supplier, you can enter a Goods Receipt with a negative quantity. Similarly if a customer returns goods purchased, you can create a Delivery Note with a negative quantity. This is usually followed by issuing a credit note for returned goods to credit the customers account or refund the amount received.

Multiple inventory locations

If you have multiple inventory locations, you can create them under the Settings tab, then Inventory Locations


Just downloaded the last version.

When I check Goods Receipts in Customise screen and then click Update, nothing happens. Manager stays in this screen for ever.

Edit: I think the button “Update” is broken.

Windows 10, Manager 16.11.94

Thanks. Fixed in 16.11.95.

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This awesome. Well done @lubos :heart:

@lubos I know you are going to improve this feature and address all my issues but i just feel i have to share what going on in my mind. Like I said earlier this feature has been wanted for long and now many users are very happy to see it implemented.

Below is my comments on the feature

  1. When writing off inventory, it would be great to be able to select the location from where the write off will be effected. Every inventory item line should have by it a field to select the location.
  2. Selection of location for where the inventory will be stored after production should be available for the finished item line in Production Order. Every bill of material line should also have by it a field for location where that inventory will be consumed from.
  3. Transfer inventory between locations availability would nice. That button can be inside the Inventory item tab as ‘Transfer inventory Items’.
  4. Custom field option for Goods receipt is needed.
  5. Copying Purchase invoice and purchase order to Goods receipt voucher available would be sweet.
  6. Ability to select a location affected in a receive and spend money transaction on inventory items would be cool. In a retail shop for example, the seller should be able to do this for accurate inventory balances at all times. After selecting the inventory item, there could be another field there for the location involved for every item line. This can also be implemented for sales and purchases invoice for sales and purchases on credit that includes immediate release of inventory to the buyer. This will be necessary for expense claims too.
  7. Reporting, there should be a general report showing inventory on hand and in all locations.
    see below


Brilliant!!! it’s here!

How does one assign existing inventory to the inventory locations?

Brilliant… Thank youu…

In addition to @Abeiku I think it’s much better when we in the Inventory Items Menu, we can see directly the Current Qty on Hand, Qty to be Received, Qty to be Delivered and Total Qty from Currenty Qty on Hand+Qty to be received-Qty to be Delivered since if we have thousands of inventory it’ll be easier to check rather than click the Qty figure by SKUs.

Thank you.


@Abeiku, suggestions 1,2,3,4,5 have been added to the latest version (16.11.97). Just to clarify, to transfer inventory items between inventory locations, use new Inventory Transfers tab.


One way is to retrospectively create goods receipts and delivery notes or just create one for each customer/supplier with proper totals.

When goods are sold through “Receive Mooney” in cash accounts, the report for the specific items sold shows that they are at “Unspecified Location” but with negative quantity. How do we treat these goods so that they will be seen as they have already been sold?

@faraji5, this refers to what @Abeiku mentioned in his point 6. I need to add ability to specify inventory location on cash transactions.

By the way, do you have multiple inventory locations? Or just one?

@lubos Awesome, just got up from bed. I will check within the next 3 hours thanks

@lubos I forgot to mention inventory location selection for every bill of material line for where inventory will be consumed from for Inventory Kit creation.

Great step,

Now my inventories are in unspecified location, how can move all to newly created location “warehouse”

Thank you @lubos
Just wanted to request you to add ITEM CODE in the breakdown qty report of inventory items. Currently it shows only the Item Name. Please assist.

Hello. Well done for your perfect job.
I want to emphasize that you cannot convert a credit note to delivery note, so you have to write form the beging all the goods that customer returns to my warehouse

I have multiple locations…

After the last update when the remaining quantity of an item in your warehouse is 0 then you are unable to see the inventory transactions for this item, something that is not convenience, since there is no other way to find out from where and when you have bought this item or where and in what price you have sell the item

Great to see the new feature! Works brilliantly. :sunglasses:

Just would love to request a couple of minor functions.

As an auditor, I find that many people have goods shipped but not yet received from suppliers - normally from overseas suppliers. As the risk and reward of ownership has been transferred from the supplier to the company purchasing the goods on dispatch then there are goods in transit at the period end. What would be good is a report that shows the quantity of stock that is in transit. I understand that custom fields could be used to display the date of dispatch by suppliers however it would be good if a report could be generated to show this to show the stock that the firm is committed to purchasing.

Additionally, it would be great to have a report of stock by location to keep track of where stock rather than having to drill down into each individual stock line as it would help with the stock take - one report rather than having to drill down individually. (I do love the ability to drill down individually though!!):grinning:

As an aside, sub locations may be useful too - eg warehouse 2, rack 3 shelf 5. I know that it is possible to have each location labelled as W2R3S5 but it might help filter out codes if you could select “Warehouse 2” for a location, then click “Rack 3 Shelf 5” for a sub location. Just a thought though.