Inventory Quantity by Location Report for a specific Location


One of our customer has over 14k of Inventory Items with more than 5 Locations.

And he really need to see only Inventory Items’s quantities of a single Location as he is difficult to get what he want to know in Inventory Quantity by Location report as it current show all of over 14k quantities with all locations in a single view is a cumbersome.

We tried to solve this situation by Custom Report to get quantities of Inventory Items in a single Location which are not zero but there is neither Inventory Quantity nor Inventory Location column to choose.

So it is going to be excellent if Inventory Quantity by Location report can be filterd by Location and zero quantity excluded, or can choose Quantity column and group by Location columns in Custom report.

Thank you.


I agree with you because I’m facing the same problem. I also have no idea how to know inventory quantity per location in specific date.

I think this is great ideas to add as a new features and developer should accomodate it and dont see how much people need this problem to make improvements. If developer make improvements by see how much user need it, you should create polling to know how much people need it.


I need that features too
It will be very helpful if manager allow user to choose location for inventory reports


Please it will be greatly appreciated if Manager can implement this idea.


I agree this is needed. The inventory quantity by location report would be ideal if it allowed us to:

  • Hide locations with 0 balance (checkbox option, exclude zero balance locations)

  • Locations to show (list showing locations and the ones to be displayed can be selected. Not selecting shows all locations)

Could this be implemented fairly easily? It would make the inventory quantity location report so much better. @lubos I added graphics above as a proposed implementation for the report creation interface.

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Added to the latest version (21.5.24)