"Inventory Location" Column in Inventory Items screen

In my opinion, it would be beneficial for all users to have “Inventory Location” as a column in Inventory Items screen, in order to have the big picture of their location.
Of course, this can be used at users’ discretion through the new capability of editing columns .


Your needs can be achieved by;

Reports>Inventory Quantity by Location
there you have more option to add or remove locations as you need

Of course, I am aware of that.
However, considering the new capability concerning editing columns, I believe that users can have all fixed data (such as inventory location in inventory items, for our case) available to be displayed.

What if an item is stocked at several locations?

name higlighted someway and a drill down lines to show details :slight_smile:

That is the design that already exists, @Mahmoud_Mohsen1. So the original request is already addressed in an understandable way.

the drill down you mean is taking you to another page while i mean something like a drop down list

I would also love to be able to see immediately in inventory items list the location of the items amongst the other details. This could be simply achieved by assigning the items/SKU with a batch number as well - such as purchase invoice number or goods receipt number which would associate the received quantity with the location to which it was received. This would help with other factors such as the average cost, for example I would wish that the average cost for items in one location would be different than in the other locations as a result of different purchase prices or freight cost differences.
Consequently, it could be used also to differentiate between the same items purchased for the same location, for example, items X were purchased with invoice 1 for 200 USD, but also for invoice 2 with 300 USD, when selling these items, I could choose if I wish to sell them from “batch” 2 with a lower margin, or from “batch” 1 with a higher margin.

Manager does not manage batches - each item is considered to be equal of all other items

If you need to manage batches, then Manager is not the accounting software for your needs

It appears though as it could be a relatively simple thing, afterall each purchased quantity is already linked within Manager’s database to its “origin”, it could only expand in Manager’s use case potential in my opinion.
PS, I use Manager for a few years now, it’s an amazing software with regular updates, no plan on changing to others anytime soon, believe can grow even better

Your assumption is incorrect.

No, that is not true. Once an inventory item is purchased, it is indistinguishable from all other units of the same item. The average cost calculation depends on the total quantity on hand, not location. Inventory transfers do not affect average cost. Batches, size/color alternatives, expiration dates, sources, and all the many other things users have asked about over the years all represent large increases in complexity.

Manager’s inventory management capabilities are modest. Fundamentally, the program tracks the aggregate cost of all units of an item in the Inventory on hand account, quantities in various states of the acquisition and sales processes (numbers to be received/delivered, etc.) and quantities at various locations. The quantity tracking capabilities are more sophisticated than cost tracking, which is a consequence of the developer’s decision to use the weighted average cost method of inventory valuation. The program does not have the ability to track a specific unit through receipt, transfers, delivery, etc. That is why you cannot track a serial number through the inventory management system. As @Joe91 already wrote, all units of an inventory item are considered the same.

This is also why characteristics like color and size cannot be distinguished. All such variations require separate inventory items to be defined.

Currently you can achieve this by creating same inventory item for each location and add a prefix or a letter in code to identify the warehouse. Searching the common part of the code or name of an item can give you all the quantities at different warehouses and their avg cost. But this way you cannot use inventory transfer so you have to use Journal Entries where you can also add some additional cost relating to inventory transfer (Which is missing in Inventory Transfer module). But this way we have to manually input all the amounts so chances of error are more.
But i think individual costing for each warehouse should be implemented. It could also be used for bounded warehouses to know the actual cost of the items at different states.
But only @lubos can guide us here if its ever going to happen.