Suggestion for Inventory Quantity by Location report improvement

How does one make a current inventory list that is printable?

The Inventory Quantity Movement report has the current inventory quantity. Is that what you are looking for?

The Inventory Tab has a list of items in stock - you could export that to Excel and then print it

No that didn’t seem to be what I wanted. But I just found that if I go to Inventory items and go to the bottom of my list there is a button called “export”. I exported the list to my desktop and printed it from there. Problem solved, can now do my inventory audit.
Thank you for your speedy suggestion.


The Inventory Quantity by Location report is exactly what you want, but it is not available unless you first define an inventory location besides the default Unspecified. (That location itself does not appear anywhere unless other locations are defined.)

I am going to change the subject of this topic and put it into the ideas category.

@lubos, the only change necessary is that the Inventory Quantity by Location report be available regardless of whether multiple locations are used. After all, the Unspecified location appears on reports, even when nothing is located there.

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Well you’ve lost me now. The locations report asks for a new locations name so I give it one(which isn’t anywhere else in the program) and then the report shows nothing except the name I gave it. Duh I think I’m not getting something here.


Apparently, I wasn’t clear enough. You seemed to be interested only in inventory quantities. The most convenient way to get a report of those is with the Inventory Quantity by Location report, under the Reports tab. But that report is currently not available unless you have first defined at least one inventory location in accordance with this Guide: I believe the “report” you are describing, that shows nothing but the name you gave it, is not a report at all, but just the inventory location entry form.

At this point, however, the Inventory Quantity by Location report is available in the Reports tab. You cannot edit it. It is always current. It looks like this:

When you create your first additional inventory location, everything already existing is automatically placed into the Unspecified location. You can move items with various transactions and transfers, or leave them there. Since you are just creating an inventory location, you probably have not moved anything to it. Nor do you need to. All your inventory should be listed under the Unspecified column.

Alrighty then. What I have when I hit the reports area under inventory is the following.

Inventory value movement

Inventory Quantity movement

Inventory profit margin

Those are my choices. When I hit one or any of these all it shows is todays date in the from and to boxes.

You have not carefully read my responses and the Guide I linked to. You have not created an inventory location, so the report is not visible to you. When you have, following the procedure in the Guide, it will be available.

Thanks Tut. I created an inventory location as the instructions say but the transfer would require me to transfer over a hundred different items manually just to get a list that should be already available because it already exists in the inventory items tab but won’t print. The export tab at the bottom works fine if not a little messy when printing out but better that than nothing.
Quickbooks works a lot better for inventory control and listing but I like this program better for everything else.

Thank you for your help

Once again, you did not read my post.

The instructions I gave you are a workaround. They provide a method for getting a printout of inventory quantities without having to export to a spreadsheet from the Inventory Items tab. It isn’t elegant, but that’s why I put this entire subject into the Ideas category. Hopefully, a simple modification to an existing report will allow users to print out inventory quantities without having to add unnecessary inventory location.

Regardless, there is no reason you have to transfer anything.

In the latest version 19.9.27, the report is possible to print or generate PDF

@lubos, the issue discussed in this thread was not ability to print or generate PDF’s. Those were available for the Inventory Quantity by Location report before v19.9.27. That version added the ability to create the report for a specific date.

This topic was about the fact that the Inventory Quantity by Location report is not available at all until at least one inventory location has been created. That shortcoming still exists. So I am moving this topic back to Ideas.

agreed on your point