Inventory item not showing in the print view

Is there any way to show the inventory item in the print view . meaning I am manually entering the inventory item in the description area only then does it reflect as that product. Is there a way to have that item to show in the view or print view without entering it manually.

keeping in mind that I enter other information in the description area

I do not understand your question, @sanjaykz. Can you please provide additional information about your problem?

This has been mentioned in several topics: extract of one comment

Item name will never show on invoices. It is your internal name of the item. Only the item code and the item description of the item will show. Why not add item name to the code or description if you want to show it to customer

For a detailed discussion read here

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Thanks that did the trick :slight_smile:

Thanks Brucanna. I have read the detailed discussion you linked and given the diverse ways people are using the code, item name and description fields, I have a simple suggestion:
In ‘Settings’ add a heading like ‘Customise Quote, Order, Invoice forms’ > “Select columns to be included in your forms” (Default as it is now). Each form is listed (6) with 3 tick boxes for Code, Item Name, Description underneath > “Tick one or more boxes” = Problem solved. Everybody gets to print any or all of the fields, nothing changes in the database or in any other section of the software so no users have to change the way they work or re-enter data and it’s not a huge amount of programming work. Win-win-win.
Eg I would like the Code (suppliers) and the Item Name in my Purchase Orders, but only the Item Name in my Sales Invoices.

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Your suggestion has merit as it would provide the user with greater flexibility as to column usage as per your example. If it is easy to programme or not is for the Developer (I’m just a user) to consider, but perhaps a future refinement/benefit.

Currently, the columns that a user sees depends upon the tabs that have been activated, therefore any forms appearing under your proposed Settings - Form Columns would need integration to that activation process.

Let me emphasise again, nothing in the way the software works now needs to change. My proposal is purely which columns are displayed in the forms - like the ‘Hide Column’ function in Excel. All data is there in these columns and you simply chose whether you want to see it or not. All it needs in Manager is a little “detour” through the tick-boxes where the program code calls the columns to be displayed in the forms (eg. ‘product Code’ (if it contains data), Description, Qty, Price). I understand that previous versions used to display the ‘Item Name’, so just make that optional.
Looking forward to the next update…

@JimmyFangu, if I understand it correctly, you need this because inventory items have supplier-issued codes which you don’t want to be leaking to your customers. Correct?

It’s not like I have to hide these supplier item codes from my customers, but it’s just a column with meaningless numbers as far as my clients are concerned. So I would turn that column off in the sales invoices, if I could. But the important thing is the Item Name in all 5 forms (Quotes, Orders, Invoices). When I typed all the product names (~200) into ‘Inventory Items’, it never occurred to me that this was the column that would NOT be shown in these forms. I use the Description field for internal info about use, hazards, possible alternatives, etc of products, hence I don’t want this column in either the sales invoice nor the purchase order. In the Purchase Order, I want the product code to make it easier for the warehouse staff, but I still need the Item Name.

I was looking in the forum for a tip on how to customise these forms and couldn’t find anything, so I posted the question and then followed the link and read the whole long conversation on the topic. It occurred to me that people use these 3 fields in different ways and thought why not just be able to select which columns should be displayed. That’ll keep everybody happy and the software functionality doesn’t have to change because it just changes which data is visible in the ‘View’ condition.

Well, don’t do this. Create custom field for inventory items which can be used to record internal information as Description field has special meaning and will be put on printed documents.

For clarity, as the field does have special meaning perhaps it should be more specifically titled - Invoice Detail (?) rather then the usage of Description which is used generally though out Manager without any specialisation of meaning.

I like Manager very much because it is intuitive and user-friendly, though your use of the ‘Item Name’ as internal info only and ‘Description’ for naming the products is different to how these terms are commonly used. I think that is where the confusion stems from.
My suggestion to give users the option to select which columns to display in their forms resulted from reading the forum discussions on the subject. I think, in the overall scheme of the software, relatively small program changes would give users the choice to customise the forms to their needs.