Ability to hide inventory code on invoices

I am just getting started with Manager and am impressed so far. I see where it was asked in 2014 how to display item code on invoices however I would like to hide this. Is there a way I have not been able to find? I am used to entering a code and having the item description displayed, I can work with the item name field but find it too full if I put the code & brief description all in this field to avoid item code appearing on invoices

Do not enter anything into Code field when creating inventory items. Then codes won’t show on your invoices.

Put the description into the Description field. The Item Name field is meant only to be a name, which could be your code.

Thanks for replies, I had worked all this out. The thing I don’t understand is the need for the name and description fields. I remember codes for some items and am used to entering these to bring up descriptions to confirm, for others key words work. I have found a solution by entering the item code with a brief name to identify the product all in the name field, trying to keep all this short to be useful is a little hard. Do you think this is the best solution? I know it is not that time consuming to remove a wrongly selected item from an invoice but was just wondering why the more detailed description field does not pop up before it is selected to the invoice?

Manager tries to meet the needs of many types of businesses. Codes are meant for searching and/or distinguishing an exact item. Depending on your business and needs, they could be SKU numbers, model designations, alpha-numeric memory aids, etc. They are optional.

Item names are meant to be plain-language titles for items, because numerical codes are usually impossible to remember. As you’ve probably noticed, codes and names appear together in the dropdown item search box. So however you remember something, both options are searched. Although technically optional, names are important because that is how items are listed in reports. You can’t have a list with blank entries, and you wouldn’t want the inventory quantity movement report to list full paragraphs of descriptive text.

Descriptions are for those who need to include more extensive information and can be quite long, because they don’t show up in reports. They are optional. If nothing is entered, the item name will be substituted on forums.

So, for example, you might have:

RCHR • Rocking Chair • Solid oak rocking chair (35" H x 28" W x 31" D), with hand-rubbed finish


259847 • Lord of the Rings (LB) • Leatherbound boxed presentation set, Lord of the Rings, by J. R. R. Tolkein

I need the codes to show but now it does not!!??

Are you sure you are up to date, @johantand? Current version is 16.11.83. If there is anything in the Code field for any entry, it will be shown. If not, the column is not displayed.

it is after the update to the latest version that this happens. I use codes in the items colomn of the sales invoice to identify the procedure I did. My clients needs the code in order to claim from medical aids.I have always been
using codes but now after I created the invoice the items colomn no longer show or print

@johantand, you are clearly doing something incorrectly, because the program works as I described. For example, here is a screen shot of an inventory item with a Code:

Non-inventory items offer a similar field. And here is a sales invoice showing both that inventory item and a non-inventory item. Both have Codes and both codes appear:

If this is not what you see, post screen shots showing the input screen for the items and an invoice created with those item. Be sure the invoice is created after updating the item code fields.

Hi Tut
Sorry I did not realise that the settings menu changed and that I had to Add the code again in the settings menu, as it was done a year ago. It was only after I upgraded yesterday that tae problem started. Thanks its is sorted now.

Please do not post personal information. I edited your last post to delete it.

To be clear, the item code is entered for inventory items under the Inventory Items tab, not the Settings tab. Item codes for non-inventory items are entered under Settings => Non-inventory Items. You did not say which you were having trouble with, but the title of this topic included only inventory.

The change you were troubled by goes back to June. There have been hundreds of updates since. I recommend updating more frequently. After all, it is free.