Want to show 'ITEM NAME" column in Sales quoate or invoice

Dear Admin
There are columns in Inventory Items, 1/Item Code, 2/Item Name, 3/Description etc.
But when we print Sale quote or Invoice, it doesn’t show Item name , please tell us how to show “Item Name” column in Sales Quote or Invoice?

item name is only used for user reference. it isn’t meant to display in printed documents. Description field is available to displayed on printed documents. Do read the guide inventory section

I also want show the Item Name in description. Have you found a solution?

@manishkumarshivam gave you the answer, ie you can not except when writing it in the description. You were also advised to read the Inventory Section of the Guides | Manager Take care!

Yes! I reply after the reading of Guides. I get nothing from Guides. Can you give me any screenshot or link from the part of the showing about inventory item name in sales invoice? @eko

Like this?

The inventory item is setup like this

Yes! almost like this. @Joe91

What do you mean almost? Either you want the description in the invoice line or you don’t -

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The Guide, Create and manage inventory items | Manager, seems very clear to me. The applicable parts are shown below:

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 1.52.56 PM

What do you not understand?

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Thank you @Joe91 & @Tut
Now I understand that, no description line should be added.