Display Item column in orders and invoices

I have a market stall and buy and sell products. I have entered all items into the inventory, set up the accounts and everything works a treat - much more user-friendly than the old MYOB.
One problem: I create eg a Purchase Order, select ‘Inventory on hand’ as the Account, then select the item from the ‘Inventory Item’ pull-down that appears and enter the Quantity. It auto-fills the description and the price - great! However, when I then “View” the order or invoice that I created, there is no ‘Item’ column, only the Description, the Qty and the price. But not all items have descriptions because in many cases, the name is self-evident. So I end up with empty rows with just a quantity and price. Is there any way to display the Item name instead of the description? Your help is much appreciated!

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