Invalid file format


I am moving a business (entity) on Manager to another computer (Mac). I backed up the file and it dowloaded as Manager (2014-09-13).dat. I have installed Manager on the new computer, opened the app and clicked on new business Restore Backup. I selected the file from the computer and then hit Import Backup. I get an error message “Invalid file format” Both computers are Macs. Please assist.

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Invalid file format is when Manager doesn’t recognize the file.

I think in your case the issue is that you did backup on quite old version which was still producing old .DAT files while new version is using more modern format .MANAGER.

Send your .DAT file to, we will convert it to .MANAGER file which you will be able to import.


Hi I am in the same situation as the previous posting. I have run Manager successfully on Safari for almost 5 years for my wife’s (very) small business, with no problems at all. I updated Manager a few weeks ago and now can’t access any of the back-up data.
The Manager (date).dat files from last quarter’s records aren’t being recognised. I then jumped into Time Machine on my external hard disk to see if I could find the right data files but I’m even more confused.
It’s mentioned here that the backup files are now in .MANAGER format rather than the multitude of .DAT files which I have. You offered to convert the previous writer’s backups to .MANAGER. Lubos, could I ask you to do the same for me please??

many thanks



Original .dat format Manager was using initially is very old. It hasn’t been supported in newer versions for quite some time.

You can send me your file to and I will manually convert it to .manager format for you.


Thanks so much Lubos. Will do!


all fixed now with an update to OS X and the latest Manager - thanks again for your help


I am in the same situation, can you advise how I can send you the .Dat file to convert to .MANAGER file



As @ludos commented above - You can send your file to
But include a message as well.


Hi I am having the same problem here, but my file format is .manager


What same problem - can you please explain your situation. edition and operating system


Hi I recommended MANAGER IO to my clients. we decided they send me their backups through email and then I do the audit…
But i cannot restore their backups, it keeps telling me invalid format. although we all have a file format . MANAGER not . DAT
Please advise what to do
I have the version 16.11.35 and windows 10, 64 bit


The file format has changed since 16.11 to SQLite. So I suggest you upgrade to the latest version and try import your client’s file again.


Ok how do i do that?


Go to and download the latest version.


ok tx a lot. It worked. i think i will convert all my clients to MANAGER. Regards


If you do that, you will need to make sure they all update at the same time you do in the future to avoid the same problem. You might be better off having them all use the cloud version, which is always up to date.


Hi, I am getting this unusual error while sending mails … LUBOS can you please help

Invalid wire-type; this usually means you have over-written a file without truncating or setting the length; see


What edition (desktop, server, cloud)? What operating system? What version of Manager?


@GO_ECO_TRANSIT, when sending emails? That’s unusual. You can send me your accounting file to I will need to see this for myself.

Invalid wire-type when attempting to send email

I am helping someone else with the server edition and they too have this “Invalid wire-type; this usually means you have over-written a file without truncating or setting the length; see

This occurs when they are attempting to send email for any entity. The host is an ubuntu server 64Bit. I have never seen this issue before.

I have upgraded the Ubuntu host and Manager to the latest version and the issue persists.

Testing the mail under settings mail settings works fine. The test message sends and is received OK.

I have also tested with a new demo company file which is blank. Generate a P & L report then email and the error above comes up.