Invalid wire-type when attempting to send email

Best start a new thread… Server edition is not sending mail when the email button is pressed. The following error appears: “Invalid wire-type; this usually means you have over-written a file without truncating or setting the length; see

This occurs when attempting to send email for any entity. The host is an ubuntu server 64Bit system. I have never seen this issue before.

In an effort to resolve the issue I have upgraded the Ubuntu host and Manager to the latest version and tested email send at each stage however the issue persists.

Interestingly testing the test email function under settings, mail settings, works fine. The test message sends and is received OK. So it would appear the email mechanics are OK.

I have also tested with a new demo company file which is blank. Generated a P & L report then attempted to email and the invalid wire-type error comes up.

OK this has been resolved simply by reinstalling Manager a second time. My second attempt included running the apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// instruction skipped the mono install as it was already updated and then followed the rest of the install method provided. Yes it was a weird one.

I’m still curious why it happened in the first place. Actually in the latest version I made the error look more detailed.

I just can’t see how re-installing or upgrading Mono would make any difference.

Some facts regarding the process: The Server is with Digital Ocean. I initially believed the issue was with the server system as opposed to Manager given that the OS has not been updated for some time. So I concentrated on updating the Ubuntu server first and then proceeded to upgrade components of the Ubuntu server system. I did not do the release upgrade so the system is still at 14.04.5 LTS. At each stage the Server was restarted and tested. The email issue was not resolved. Now thinking it maybe be a Manager thing I proceeded to update Manager. After the Manager was updated the issue was still persistent. Once again a system restart made no difference.
I then logged the issue in the forum.
While waiting over night and during this period I carried out another Manager update as described above and the problem disappeared. One other thing throughout the fix I did not have “Administrator” access to Manager, only a test account so I cannot tell you what version it was initially, also the files have been updated so no go there too. I did have root access at the server level though. Not sure if this helps but this was the sequence of events.