Invalid file format


Dear Sir
I have sent you my back up file at , kindly help. showing invalid format during backup installation in other system.
Warm Regards


which Manager version were you using? and which version are you using in the new system?


Manager 16.12.0


Manager 16.12.0 this is the version in both computer. but back up install did not work.


that version is almost 8 months old. install the latest version on top of your old version without uninstalling on your old system and then do a backup of your business. then try importing the backup to new system.


It is not possible again to install in computer, from where i took backup, because that computer is crashed already… that is why i want to install back file which we normally kept in email, to be safer side if any thing goes wrong in computer files. so now that back up file want to install.

please help


can you please explain how you are trying to import the backup… you cannot double click the backup file to install it. please read this guide


I am not double clicking. simply importing file from the location to Manager Import option.



is the backup file you are importing having the extension .manager? can you paste a screenshot of the folder where your backup files are saved?


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