Virus in 19.11.98

Dear editors, I have been using the desktop version of for years. Every month I download the update version without problems. However, I now get the message that version 19.11.98 is infected with a virus! So I don’t get the latest update installed anymore and the program no longer works.

As long as you downloaded from the official website, this is probably a false positive detection by your anti-virus software. What is your operating system and anti-virus software? Also, approximately how long has it been since your last update? (There have been some changes to bundling and distribution processes.)

The same with me! Just downloaded the software and installed it, but my anti-virus software F-Secure immediately gave the notification:
Virus found in:
and deleted the file ManagerDesktop.exe.
I am not able to open and use Manager anymore!

I arranged F-Secure to place ManagerDesktop.exe out of quarantaine, so now I can continu with Manager, but still it does not feel good.

Also Zemana Antimalware found TR/Dropper.MSIL.Gen.86aa17a844!fsocap.

Only @lubos can investigate this. He has been notified in case he did not see the post. Be aware of time zone differences, as he is in Australia, where it is 2:29 AM as I write this.

Complete information in the original post would have been helpful, possibly reducing delays in responses.

If you downloaded file from always assume it’s false positive. You should report it to antivirus company as suspected false positive for re-analysis.

Not experiencing this on Norton 360

I’m having the same problem with F-secure & manager. I’ve reinstalled a couple of times - Problem always comes back after a couple of days- not as soon as i install. This time i made f-secure “exclude” it. The after re-install had f-secure run another “virus scan”. For now it claims its not showing any virus. Would be interesting if it comes back again after all this.

No problem with Sophos antivirus.

Oddly enough picked up also on MacOS by CB Defense as ManagerDesktop.exe is also for some reason bundled within the disk image.

@EeroOtsus, the same program runs on all platforms. That is why the macOS bundle includes Mono. If CB Defense is throwing a false positive on one OS, it will probably do so on all.

@Tut I was not familiar with Mono framework - thanks for pointing that out.

Nevertheless - I would be wary of these reports and wouldn’t dismiss them so easily.

no problem with eset nod 32 antivirus