Windows Security Says ManagerDesktop.exe is a Trojan

I just updated to the newest version of Manager downloaded from and Microsoft Security says ManagerDesktop.exe is a trojan - see screenshot. It is detected as ‘Trojan:Win32/Randet.A!plock’

Is this a false positive? Windows 11.

I uninstalled the newer version and re-installed version - back in business with no anti-virus detection.

I had similar problem today when going from to I was able to uninstall and reinstall What is the problem with

Same problem here. Where can I find a download for the previous version?

Check the history in your Download folder. In my case, the prior update files are kept chronologically in the Downloads folder.

I haven’t used Manager before and my Windows software also recognizes this version as a virus. Since I don’t have other versions in my Downloads file I wonder if earlier - openable - versions are available anywhere else?

I understand. It is interesting that this problem is showing up for first-time installers(you) as well as long-time users(me). I don’t know where you can get earlier versions. It sounds like the suppliers of the software need to look at this specific version to find out why Windows is determining it to be a virus.

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This is likely a software verification issue, not an actual Trojan. Nevertheless, I am marking it as a bug, because that is the way to get the most urgent attention from the developer. @lubos?

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This is false positive. Other software vendors started to have exactly the same issue. E.g. Roblox.

Is the solution to click through the Microsoft warning then?

It’s not a bug with Manager after all, just coincidentally a byte string that matches a footprint of malware.

Yes, you can Google on Microsoft Defender False Positives and look what to do. You will also notice that Microsoft Defender gets lots of criticism, hence my preferences of other options and more importantly other operating systems (OSX and other Linux based ones such as Ubuntu).

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Just updated to version and no issues with antivirus! Thanks!