Installation problem

I HAVE 17.7.8 loaded in windows 10 .it is working. but updated version 17.7.94 is not installing on windows 10. asking some DLL file is missing . 2 times downloaded but same things happend.

This is not a problem with Manager. It is a problem with your Windows 10 system. You can always try to do a System Restore, otherwise you will need technical support from someone local.

try to download the dll file, and put that in Manager’s application folder
posting a screenshot may help to diagonise the problem.
anyways, this is not what this topic is about, @sujan should have started a new topic.

problem solved installation of 17.7.94. its KASPERSKY antivirus preventing . after resuming antivirus and then properly installed.
very active forum.

antivirus creating problem for installation. kaspersky internet security is paused and install.