Importing backups incomplete

I am upgrading from the desktop edition to the cloud edition, but when I import my back ups they are incomplete.

What do you mean by “incomplete”? Can you give more details on what’s missing?

It changes quite a few of the fields for example bank accounts vanish and become cash accounts. all of the data from recent invoices is missing. Can I send example screen shots (before and after) or is that visible to everyone?

What version have you been using on your desktop? It seems like upgrading matter from very old version rather than something being incomplete.

Bank Accounts tab has been merged into Cash Accounts tab 6 months ago.

As for invoices missing data, could it be that no customer has been selected on those invoices? Newer versions require customer to be selected. Older versions were not as strict even though it was always a bookkeeping error.

That would certainly explain both of those as it is an older version on my desktop. That only leaves a discrepancies in the amounts shown in summary.

The first is a screen shot of the desktop version and the second is what I’m getting when I import the back up into the cloud version.

If you have invoices without customers, I suspect the difference is exactly that. Make sure all your invoices have a proper customer selected. Then figures should be the same.

That would seem to make sense, I’ll give it a shot

Did you email us the beta version for mac about 3 or 4 years ago by any chance?

Also, the two screenshots are at different dates - 23rd and 24th

Yea, I was using some back ups I made yesterday. I’m updating all the customer info in the old desktop edition and then I’ll try backing up and re-importing to the cloud. I’ll post the results, but I think this is the cause of the issue.

The best thing might be to update your desktop software to the latest version first, if you haven’t. Then correct the problems. Then backup. Then migrate to cloud edition.

Another thing to check after update but before migration is that you have nothing in Suspense. See this Guide:

Just finished updating the customer field in all of the old invoices and it resolved the problem. Thanks all!