[16.5.6] Merged bank accounts into cash accounts tabs

In the latest version, Bank Accounts tab has been removed and all bank accounts will be shown under Cash Accounts tab.

There are number of reasons for this change.

Easier to decide where account should be created

Since both tabs are very similar in functionality, sometime it was difficult to decide whether account should be created under Bank accounts or Cash accounts. Bank accounts tab incorrectly implied it should be used for bank accounts only however PayPal accounts and other merchant accounts should be created under this tab too. By having single tab, this ambiguity is removed. Any account which represents cash or cash equivalents should be created under Cash Accounts tab.

Easier to search all cash transactions

Since all cash and bank transactions have been split across two tabs, it wasn’t possible to get list of all transactions across all bank and cash accounts. This is useful when searching for transaction by amount or description without knowing where it was paid from or received in.

By clicking on the totals under Cash Accounts tab, it’s possible to see all cash transactions posted across all cash accounts.

Also Find & Recode feature now works across all cash transactions. No need to do find & record across cash at bank and then again across cash on hand.

Easier to see cash position

By seeing all cash accounts on single tab, it’s easier to see cash position. For most businesses, cash is the king whether it’s in the bank or on hand. There is no good reason to fragment cash across multiple tabs.

Easier to explain how to record cash transaction

New users have been constantly struggling how to receive or spend money. The buttons have been buried deeper in user interface.

Previously the explanation how to receive money would go like this…

Go to Bank accounts tab, then if it’s cleared transaction, click on the amount under Statement balance column, then Receive money button. If it’s uncleared transaction, click on the amount under Uncleared deposits column, then click Receive money button. If you are receiving cash, then you need to go to Cash Accounts tab, click amount under Balance column, then click Receive money

Too complicated.

Now it should be much easier to explain.

Go to Cash Accounts tab and click Receive money button.


We are happy with the previous version… can you please help us to go back and use the old version and we don’t want any updates until we get confirmation.

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One less tab on the left - Great move - Thank you.

If you are on cloud edition, everyone is upgraded automatically. The only way how you can opt out from automatic upgrades is to use server edition. Then you are in full control but that is more hassle than it is worth in my opinion.

What’s the issue with this release that you actually want to rollback?

Why is my petty cash suddenly showing uncleared deposits & uncleared payments. There is no option to change from uncleared to cleared when i click edit…

@thauseef, this was a bug. Check again please.

Solved, Thanks :slight_smile:

What happened to the cleared and uncleared balances? That feature was really helpful in monitoring cleared and uncleared transactons.
I cant find that any longer after the merged bank accounts into cash accounts.

@Abeiku, columns Uncleared deposits and Uncleared payments will still show if you have any uncleared transactions.

If you don’t see these columns, it means you don’t have any uncleared transactions. Would that be correct?

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Superb thank you lubo :slight_smile:

Good Job
Many thanks.

Hi, i am new to the manager app, i cant seem to add quantity on hand as displayed in the screenshot, kindly help

To Add, click on the receive money tab, choose any account, and furnish the details. thats all!

Another stellar update. It actually fixed annoyances and time wasting I hadn’t thought of mentioning.

Can you at least put the Institution option for Bank back so it’s easier to sort when I want to look at a specific Bank?

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I agree with @timl206. Other than placing all information into the Name field, there is now no way to identify a cash account. And there are many reasons one might not want to do that.

You guys put the bank accounts together with the cash accounts? Why? (I personally liked it better when it was split since I have so many bank accounts)

Thanks though for putting Ethereum in the new update :slight_smile:

You guys also removed the Institution option when having a bank account…

Read here: [16.5.6] Merged bank accounts into cash accounts tabs

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I have always wondered what the institution does.
I think the Cash Account name can accommodate all the necessary details about that cash acount