Restoring backup data to the latest version

I have just setup a new computer, downloaded manager again and selected my backup data file.

There are a couple of issues however:

  • Journal entries - now only shows approx 10% of what used to be there (doesn’t seem to be limited to certain dates or chart of accounts)
  • Sales invoices, if selected individual sales orders all data is still correct. but on the sales tab all show as 0.00 for both Invoice Total and Balance Due.
    (if i generate a new sale order it has the same effect)

Randomly the transactions against both these still show in the bank summary.

Have you been entering bank transactions or cash transactions as journal entries? If so, then you will find those transactions under relevant bank account or cash account when you click on Bank Accounts tab or Cash Accounts tab.

It means none of your invoices have selected customer. New versions require that all invoices must have associated customer with them.