Missing transactions and invoices

After updating to 17.5.8, I see that bank transactions and invoices are missing. I see no transactions or invoices dated more recently than 4/10/17. Please advise.

Do you know what your previous version was? Or how long ago you installed it? One possibility is that you have not updated since Bank Accounts were consolidated into Cash Accounts instead of being in separate tab.

When you say invoices are missing, do you mean sales invoices or purchase invoices? And where are you looking?

After updating to 15.5.8 did you import your last backup file or your current “live” file ?
If it was a backup file - was it dated (time stamped) as 4/10/2017, if yes, then locate your live file an import that.

I believe the latest version was the one just prior to 17.5.8 because I am very diligent about updating Manager. I updated Manager within the last week or two. One thing I have noticed is that 17.5.8 seemed to revert the look of Manager back to the look of about a couple months ago. The Summary screen had a change that occurred a few releases ago but now the screen looks like an older version. The bank accounts are shown in the Assets section on the summary screen now.

It looks like all bank transactions, all sales invoices, and all purchase invoices are all missing since about 4/26/17. I am looking in the tabs for “Cash accounts”, “Sales invoices”, and “Purchase invoices”.

That is correct - as noted in the release notes for 17.5.8.
However. after installing 17.5.8 how did you re-establish the business as 17.5.8 would have started with a blank screen - no businesses listed - correct.

After updating to 17.5.8, I opened Manager as usual. It did not do any importing. My last back up file is dated 4/1/17.

If I understand your reply, I only did the update to 17.5.8 and then opened Manager as usual. I am a little confused as to what you are referring to, but when I first launched 17.5.8, I did not get a blank screen. I got the usual summary screen for my business, but recent transactions were missing.

How do I import the “live” file?

Ok, do a .manager (note the dot) file search of your hard drive and what is the date of the latest dated file.

PS: before doing a download/update you should always do a backup.

When you download, do you first save the file or just run it.

I am looking for the .manager file. When I do an update, the update file is saved and then I run it.

I am not sure which is the “live” file - see screenshot

What is the current business name displayed when you open Manager, after that we will do the next step.

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When you said “I see no transactions or invoices dated more recently than 4/10/17” did you mean 4/10/17 or 4/1/17.

Sorry for the confusion. In the bank checking account, the last transaction is dated 4/26/17. In the bank savings account, the last transaction is dated 4/1/17. In the sales invoices and the purchase invoices, I have nothing newer than 4/1/17.

Sorry again, the bank checking transactions end at 4/10/17, not 4/26/17.

I meant 4/10/17 which is the last transaction in the checking account.

OK, lets look at the first three files from your ,manager search

Note how the latest dated one (5/30/2017) is the same size as the backup file dated (4/1/2017) which happens to match the date of your current last transactions. I am guessing that “some how” the update 17.5.8 has pick up that backup file (?).

Now if you look at the second file dated 5/27/2017 it is larger in size so I am going to suggest that this file is the latest live file, so lets do these steps.

  1. Open Manager and then the current business and rename it by putting (old) on the end.

  1. On the Manager home page click on “Add Business” and then “Import Backup”

  1. Navigate to C:\Users\ericdrice60\AppData\Local and select that 5/27/2017 dated file.

  2. That should load that business and check it contents. If all ok, then you can remove the “old”

As an aside, in your screen shot of .manager files there are a lot of old ones dated 2015 & 2016.
It is suggested that they be deleted as a matter of good housekeeping.

That worked. The missing transactions are back. Thank you so very much. Noted and will do on the clean up of the old .manager files.

There is further information on application data and cleanup in this Guide: https://www.manager.io/guides/best-practices/application-data-folder. The Guide was just updated to match the recent changes you’ve been discussing.