Difference between desktop and cloud edition

I have noticed a big difference in using Cloud and Desktop Edition. Don’t see any Bank Accounts in Cloud Edition, nor do Sales Invoices allows items to be added from Income/Expenses.

You probably had an outdated server edition. The Cash Accounts and Bank Accounts tabs have been combined. This happened back in June as was announced as below:

To enter a sales invoice, you must select a Customer in the dropdown box on the first screen before you are able to enter line items and allocate them to accounts.

The server and cloud editions are identical as long as the server edition is up to date. Cloud edition is always up to date. Manager advances very rapidly, sometimes with several updates per day.

Thanks for quick revert. How to use accounts from Income/Expense in Sales Invoices ? Earlier it would pick up anything from Income/Expense in Sales Invocies - we have it defined as bank Fees and other platform fees as Expense, but now in Sales Invocies we cannot show them. We used to charge Shipping fees which was under Income, but now we cannot use anything other than Inventory in Sales Invoices. Could you throw some light on same?

Got it from guides. thanks

Have you recreated your chart of accounts? Did you import your old business onto the cloud platform? If not, how would the program know what accounts you had created? There is no connection between the data from your server version and the cloud application until you import your old business.

I recreated whole chart of accounts. Thanks

So does that resolve all your problems?