Import .json from computer

I upgraded my desktop manager to the latest version and noticed that the GST Calculation Worksheet has been replaced with the Business Activity Statement - Full. I tried importing the GST Calculation Worksheet.json file from my computer, but I am unable to browse to the file location to import.
Has this option been removed? Is there another way of importing this file?

Thank you.

That style of report transformation has been depreciated from NG Software. If you have used it to develop your own Report transformation, you will need to use older versions of Manager, see Restoring data issue - #2 by Patch

If you have just used the Report transformations distributed by NG Software then using the renamed current ones would be sensible. See Report Transformations - No-code development platform for details of the new approach.

@lonzu_65 see Add localized settings and features | Manager

Basically, previously these JSON files were downloaded from our website. Now they are included with the program.

Thanks Lubos. The GST worksheet layout is totally different to that of the Business activity statement. I wish to keep the original layout as it is closest to the ATO GST BAS statement.

Thanks Patch. I will have a look at the links

How is it totally different? The goal of the report is to contain all the figures that might need to be lodged. What is missing?

This is the old one

and this is the new one

The new one contains all the fields which are relevant for BAS lodgement.

Which field from the old one you need and why?

I agree the rounding is inconsistent with the ATO requirements

Which categories does your business use, so does it actually effect you?
By the way, to old localisation also got the rounding wrong as well.

for instance “G14 Purchases without GST in the price” is missing.

Does your BAS need to report this figure?


I am no expert, but I just found your article Report Transformations - No-code development platform. Is this the best guide to generate one with my preferred layout?

If some businesses still require to report G14 on BAS, then it needs to be added. Have you got any screenshot you can send me where I can see how G14 is shown on BAS? My email is

sure. I will send a screenshot. Thanks