Report transformations reports missing

I updated manager to 21.11.85 and realised that the “Report Transformations” reports are missing. I then checked the “Settings - Report Transformations” to view the report. As per screenshot below, the fields such as “Total Sales” are not available for selection.

Is there a workaround to re-enable the report I created through the Report Transformations or by other means? Thank you

Delete report transformation from Settings tab. It shouldn’t be there.

So how can I re-create the GST Worksheet for BAS as per ATO worksheet?

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For instance “G14 - Purchases without GST in price” is required

Unfortunately the new report transformations do not support any calculations.
Some calculations can be approximated by including all source data in the “Calculated” fields but even this is some times wrong due to the inability to code the ATO required rounding.

Have a look at the Australian localisation to see if it is close enough for your accounting program requirements.

Hi Patch. Unfortunately the BAS available on Manager is not suitable as it has missing fields such as G14.
This was an issue which i asked the forum about it on one of my past posts, which was about importing the .json file from the computer, and i was told to recreate the report using the “Report Transformations”. It worked a treat until it was removed on this version. Can’t the inbuilt BAS report be updated to match ATO’s worksheet?
Otherwise, is it possiple to revert back to the previous version of Manager?

Why do you need G14? It’s not required to report to ATO as far as I know.

Hi Lubos. You are right, you don’t report G14 on the BAS, but its still needed for your records. As per ATO website refer below.

G14 Purchases without GST in the price

You don’t report G14 on your BAS, but you need to show it in your records – it is used to calculate the amount that you report at 1B on your BAS.

All amounts reported at G14 on your worksheet should also have been reported at G10 or G11.

What to report at G14

At G14, you need to report amounts for purchases and importations that didn’t have GST included in the price. This includes sales that were

  • GST-free or input taxed
  • made by an entity not registered for GST
  • not connected with Australia (and not taxable)
  • non-taxable importations
  • intangible supplies purchased from off-shore that are not subject to a GST reverse charge.
  • payments of Australian taxes, fees and charges where GST was not included in the price charged.


GST free transactions are available from the Tax Summary

Hi Tony,
I am aware of that. The worksheet purpose is to have everything worked out as per ATO’s supplied form rather than having to cross refer to other reports. Manager had the BAS worksheet as per ATO form. I am not sure why the format had to change and not have the same format as per ATO form.

Personally I am not concerned if the GST free amounts are on the GST worksheet. I review the GST allocations from the Tax Audit and if they are correct then I can lodge the BAS based on the worksheet. I also like to check the GST liability on the Summary or Balance Sheet matches the BAS.

Is there a process to revert Manager to a previous version? This will resolve the issue. Thanks


You can get previous versions from here

Thank you Mark. I will uninstall and install the version i had and import the data.
If Manager still had the import function, it would have been easier to import the .json file or alternatively keep using the report transformations functionality.
Much appreciated.

If you use the Server Edition, you will have greater control over updates. But that a decision you’ll have to make after weighing its cost vs benefits.

There is no issue though. Have you checked with your accountant if this is an issue? Because if it’s an issue, then entire Australia has this issue because as far as I know, neither Xero or MYOB (cloud editions) are showing G14 on their activity statements. And I see no reason Manager should be any different in this regard. We’ve all moved on.

By ommiting G12, G13 and G14 from activity statement, you just need single tax code that can cover all GST free expenses instead of three separate tax codes. Why overcomplicate accounting system with extra tax codes when tax authority is not even asking you to lodge these figures…

Sure Lubos. I will check with my accountant and confirm. Thanks

Hi Lubos, Can the BAS be updated to have the $ value with no cents?

Hi Lubos,
I am going through some reporting to compare the previous version against this update of Manager and just discovered that the Tax Transactions report is listing transactions that have been paid after the 30/06/2021, although there is no amount shown. For instance invoice 10134 underlined in green was issued on 02/02/2021, due date 02/03/2021 and paid on 06/10/2021. As you can see accounting is set to Cash Basis. Shouldn’t the transactions be listed by paid date? Can you please verify as to why it has changed from prior versions of Manager? thanks

Below is the report generated prior the update.

And the Below is the report generated after the update.