Australia GST Calculation Worksheet disappeared

Hi there! My old PC died, and I had to install Manager on a new PC. I had the company file saved on Dropbox, so no worries. However - can not see the GST Calculation Worksheet in the reports…
(I use Linux Mint. My old version was installed as a program; the new one is AppImage file)
How can I get the Worksheet back?? it’s tax time…

you may have to re-import your localization settings.

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Worked, perfect, thanks!

Worked Thanks

It worked in one case, on one of the PC’s. On another PC, when I select GST Worksheet it creates a Tax Summary report. Actually, selecting Worksheet in the Reports just takes me to Tax Summary. Any way to fix that?

is the other pc running the latest version of Manager? was the localization for Australia imported?
please provide more details along with the Manager version you are using.

Actually, it seems to have fixed itself, somehow… I just tried it again and it is OK…Thanks anyway! Fantastic support!

That is what happens the first time it is selected. For subsequent reports it should go to the GST calculation worksheet not the “Tax summary” (the un-transformed report)