GST Calculation Worksheet has disappeared

GST Calculation Worksheet has disappeared, and appears to have been replaced with Business Activity Statement - Full,

but this report has less information than the previous report.

How do I get the previous report back?


It’s only missing fields which are not reported to ATO anyway. The reason why GST Calculation Worksheet has been replaced with Business Activity Statement is because BAS report now includes PAYG figures as well.

Also, new report supports drilling-down so you can see invididual transactions behind every figure.

Why do you require previous version of the report?

every single report I have checked reports zero in W1 and W2, and clicking on them take you to an empty screen

@d3mad the report gets W1 and W2 figures from payslips.


The problem is not so much the format but the Summary section no longer has a “Your Payment” total, meaning that you can’t tell at a glance how much has to be paid or refunded.

Now I have to reach for a calculator to do this when the previous version included the function. When GST is Quarterly it’s nice to do a quick check on what the rolling balance is.

I will need to have a second look at BAS how it’s presented but that’s trivial to add.

That would be great.

The ATO businesses portal calculate the total, the data a business actually enters is as shown in the new Manager “Business activity statement”

There is some sense in showing the net GST adjustment as that is what needs to be allocated to the Manager businesses GST balance sheet account when BAS is paid

I am aware that the ATO portal calculates the total, and I agree the data required to be entered is in the “Business Activity Statement”.

But logging on to the ATO Portal and entering data for a report that is not due just to get a running total halfway through a lodgement period seems like a very bad idea :slight_smile:

I like Lubos’ proposal that it is trivial to add back much better.

I searched the forums and website for hours last night, and even just checked again, there is no “Business Activity Statement” appearing in them, perhaps you may need to reindex it, notwithstanding, thank you for the direct link.

for info:

Even after adding quotes:
Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 4.28.09 pm

and within the app:

Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 4.25.29 pm Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 4.25.36 pm

I will re-download and see how I go.

Not that it’s of any concern, and I realise nothing will change, but some (any) handy warning to users would have been much appreciated. I didn’t just search the guides, I was on the forums last night as well. Bleeding cutting edge. Nobody told me it would be my blood.

Manager version 20.9.42 on OSX, I don’t have Australia available to me.

I will revert back to an older version, it was a very stupid decision to update at such a late time, I will revisit this next week.

Fixed in the latest version (20.9.43).

Don’t really understand what was broken for you in the latest update though.

The “GST Worksheet” has been updated and renamed “Business Activity Statement - Full”

So Manager businesses with the forma should automatically get the latter after updating, listed with other report transformations.

(if you don’t know what’s broken, how could you fix it?) :wink:

Perhaps this is why I’ve always had problems :slight_smile:

Regardless, it’s not fixed, don’t worry, I’m always an edge case. If it’s gonna break, it’ll break on my shift and always at the worst possible time.

I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but it will be a late night tonight, I will upload my database to a linux VM and retry it there when I have time.

@lubos, possible one thing to look for, have you hard coded paths anywhere that override the preferences and/or command line or system ($0) arguments? Because I need backward compatibility and limited operating systems I can physically use, I do pass in paths in OSX (and it usually works, and it is loading the correct directory, I am getting the right database), just perhaps something “special” with localisations or reports??)

Am I able to download them directly?

More than aware, and I’ve been using it already, which is how I reported the values weren’t populated.

I would guess it’s an inconsistency with versions and the upgrading of the database process.

I’m wasting way too much time trying to get this working.

Try version 20.9.44. There was a caching issue which I’ve verified it’s fixed now. Basically where it says Brilliant Industries, it should have been Australia.

W1 and W2 are from Managers Single touch payroll setup. Have you imported that and does it work as expected?

In particular what are the custom fields imported as part of STP set to?
The payslip items look like something like this

as lubos pointed out, fixed in 20.9.44. I wish I had of known it was that caching issue last night, but I wasn’t about to go importing random modules into my database.

That screenshot you shared, I had nothing like that because the imports were not available and weren’t automatically created.

They are now, it’s been imported and it’s as it should be (I think, I’m pretty sure) :wink:



Can you please make this trivial addition to the two BAS reports.

There is now another thread started asking for the same thing.