Import report / Report Transformation

Ok Last year I created my own Report Transformation for NZ GST as the manager one was wrong. I have done alot of updates of manager since then and now I find the updates have down loaded the manager one and removed my one how can I import my one back into manager.
The wrong part is the GST on imports does not go in the credit adjustment box

@Tut can this be fixed please . For me it is in the expenses the total purchases is excluding imports . The above shot is the credit adjustment sheet(This does say 12% and in fact it is 15% the latest sheet has not changed for the 2020 year except for the % amount) and this is the actual GST return

.On the manager one it is all together in purchases. The one I altered I took away imports(Anything that said GST exempt) from total Purchases. and anything of the purchases that said 15% GST on imports I put the GST amount in box 13. Then I added box 12 and 13 and put that in box 14 and printed the difference in box 15.

Sorry, I know nothing about report transformations. I don’t use any, have never created one, and have no information about yours.

Maybe I have the wrong word I am abit confused now .So now we go to the import button

and it asks us to select a country so I pick New Zealand and go next and this comes up so I click import and then I go to reports and its there and this is what comes up(this is a blank one)but there is now no box or anything for Number 13 We used to be able to import our own instead of pick from a country list.

Maybe I need to as @lubos? If you dont know anything about it and dont use it

There were huge changes in the last two months in Manager. One of the things that changed (and I miss so much) is the possibility to export and import custom settings. @lubos hypnotised and promised a solution through Batch Create/Update. After that I saw different undocumented implementations of Batch Create/Update around Manager but we are still waiting for a final solution.

thanks @Davide The point being is the one that comes with manager for NZ is wrong.Its not a bug as such but it is wrong. I would be very happy not to do my own if the set one was right

The Italian settings, which I was working on, have completely disappeared… I trust it is a transitory problem…

I can change it for each client individually but I have 25 that import stuff it gets a bit tedious. But what I have discovered is I can copy and paste from my jason file when opened in Notepad and remove the " ", that seems to work for now untill I do the next manager update I guess

What I do know is that we are stuck part way through a revision. If you are from a country with no transformations, you cannot even get tax codes. Hopefully, the restructuring will be completed soon.

Thank you @Tut In the mean time I will change each one manually Now I know

Does batch update / create for the Report transformation achieve what you need?
When I last looked it had the layout part but not the top calculation part but perhaps that has changed

No you are correct it does only have the layout part.Never mind we shall wait and see when lubos has finished. If The report is still wrong I can say something again then or if we can import our own then it wont matter to me .
But if someone in NZ that imports goods goes and uses the one that is there with manager now it will be wrong and they might not realize it or know how to change would be best to remove it altogether than leave it wrong