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Dear @lubos,

now that is possible to batch update also complex and multilevel forms, ie costumer invoices, why not extending this function also to chart of accounts?

Thanks for the great work

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Batch operations work on lists and transactions. The chart of accounts is neither.

Chart of accounts is not a list?

Not like other lists. The Sales Invoices tab, for example, allows batch operations. But what you are modifying are transaction form records. Accounts in the chart of accounts are not transaction forms.

I am not saying it would be impossible. I am only saying it would be quite a different thing.

I know it’s quite sure the most complicated structure of the software but, as all the SQL table, in the and it’s a list of data and reference to other external tables.

BTW I think that not having the possibility to export and inport CoA is a big lack for people like me that manege many different real estate projects through SPVs.

Have you considered setting up a “master” business which has no transactions, so you just need to add a new business from the backup of the “master” business to get the COA “imported”.

Yes but it’s not functional. The Chart of Account, as you know, is always a Work in Progress.

Export/import is the best way and I don’t see why @lubos couldn’t activate this function that is now almost everywhere.

Unlike other tabs where each row is the same type, Chart of Accounts screen consists of different types of data. You have accounts, groups, subtotals (each type has different fields). And on top of that, there is a parent-child relationship between them.

This is why batch operations are not available on this screen because this screen is somewhat unusual from every other.

Could chart of accounts have batch operations? Possibly but what do you do that you’d find it useful?

It would be great to have at least the possibility to export the structure (without tax codes and control accounts) and inport in a new business.

So you will export only some data of accounts (position, name, code and group), group (position, name, code and group) and subtotal (position, name and code) and inport them in the new business.

Even without having the possibility to edit the export file in excel.

Another option I see is to have the possibility to clone all the settings of an existing business to a new empty one.

If your use-case is to take chart of accounts from an existing business and replicate it into new business, you can make copy of existing business and then batch delete all the data which you don’t want in new business.

I know batch delete in each tab can be a lot of clicking because you can delete only up to 50 rows at once but eventually this limit will be lifted.

How about having the possibility under settings to batch delete everything?

Different people will have different definitions of what “everything” actually means.

So then you have to start showing checkboxes what they want to delete and people might still be not sure whether some checkbox should be checked or not. It’s better to keep batch delete within tabs, then you know what you are deleting. It’s more intuitive even if it will take slightly more time than “delete everything” feature. It’s OK it takes a bit more time because it’s not something you do every day.

When it comes to ‘everything’ probably data in tabs but not the coa and theme templates. creating new business data then update the coa is a bit hassle when you have clients with different industries each has different accounts and methodology. you want current work in progress coa to be used for new client. or projects…

I ment everything that is in settings

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Hello @lubos and @Tut, please how does one make copy of existing business into a new business under the Businesses tab?

I want to replicate or clone the existing business (Eliseli Limited) into a new business (Halepad Enterprise) because the chart of accounts are the same.

Thank you.
Kwabla Pavis-Djre

  • Back up business
  • Restore business
  • Change the name of the restored business
  • Delete what ever is not required (Batch delete may help)
  • Back up without history
  • Restore back up with no history and use as you template business
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Hi @Patch, thank you for your reply. I have backup (Eliseli Ltd) but how do I restore business and after everything will the new business (Halepad Enterprise) appear under the Business tab when one opens Manager?

Read this Backup, restore, import, and transfer businesses | Manager