Request - Chart of Account Batch Create/Update

I think that it would be great to have the possibility to batch create/update/delete the chart of accounts. This would also help everyone in setting very fast a new business without having to digit all the accounts one by one.


oh… good idea.

You could also create a template business with no transactions and do “Import Business” each time.

Yes but it’s a botched solution. I think that the batch solution is more flexible and upgradable also ongoing during the accounting life of the business

how does batch update coa works?

Only @lubos can tell us if and how it would work. In Jedox for example you have a series of flag to set the ramification before import

got it.

Chart of accounts is a beast where there are different types of accounts. There are system accounts, control accounts, simple accounts… then balance sheet accounts and profit & loss accounts have different fields and on top of that, there is a hierarchy. There are groups, sub-totals…

Compare that to say Inventory Items where each row is an inventory item with the same fields.

That’s why inventory items have batch operations and chart of accounts doesn’t have.

I’m starting got the idea, of major risk of bugs all over the place… practically @lubos you’re saying to add the batch operations, is like revamping the whole manager core system.

@lubos maybe it would be an option to implement inline editing and drag and drop structuring in order to speed up the build up and edit of the chart of accounts

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Ability to structure layout using drag & drop is something I certainly want to add.

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