Chart of Account Export

Is there any way to export Chart of Account key and value?


Does this help


Actually, you can export the Chart of accounts just like the transaction reports export. Assuming you have an empty Manager company with just a template CoA you can export that and use in other companies.

No, actually what I mean, and I found this by accident when developing a VAT transaction report, is that if you export from Settings the chart of accounts is also exported, along with any other Tax related modifications that are done.

So, if you have an empty company with just a CoA you can use this to transfer the CoA just like you would import a report transformation.

Sorry, I missed that feature - you are correct 100%

What happens if you import a CoA to a business with a different CoA and transactions - does the new CoA completely overwrite the existing CoA which mightlead to the invalid transactions and postings to the Suspense account

I don’t think that scenario is advisable. I think you can possible get: 1. conflicts on import and 2. duplicate accounts. So importing CoA would only make sense on a new empty business.

Renaming the old manually entered accounts eg add “old”. Then importing the transformation then recoding transactions, could be used to ensure a group of Manager business had uniform account UUID.

I would like to use them in excel :slight_smile:

A way of moving transactions in an account is to

  1. Think of a unique alphanumeric string

  2. Check it doesn’t appear any where in the business by searching for it

  3. Appended it to the source account name by editing the COA

  4. Now you can search for all transactions which contain it to select all transactions in the source account

  5. choose recode, select them all, choose the new account and apply. Unfortunately I could only find a way to select one page at a time via recode. Batch update may be more efficient for many transactions.

when i try to export settings and import to new db, “Profit and Loss Statement” Items are not imported

Nothing to do with profit and loss statements is a setting.

I have a chart of accounts that I use that has no transactions and I have saved it as “Business Template”. When I start a new business I then import this as a new business then change the name and I am under way with a new business and any new accounts that pertain to the new business I just add as necessary. Hope this is a help to someone…

Since the export and import functions were creates by @lubos for tax reporting they were not linked to “profit and loss statement”. A further implementation with this function was promised a few months ago but it hasn’t been implemented yet.