Chart of Accounts

Is there a way to print out the Chart of Accounts for reference?

Thank you.


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The easiest way is to drag over the Summary page, copy, and paste into a spreadsheet. Delete the columns with balances. Adjust format as desired.

I go setting → chart of accounts→ right click on screen in the accounts area and send to excel.You can also print as well but that gives you everything on the page at least with excel you can delete the things you dont want. I believe not everyone can do it this way but give it a try .
It would be awesome if we could import/export the chart of accounts from one business to another

Thank you

That’s a Windows feature.

Well I use it a lot send to excel so easy

That’s already in the ideas. Batch create/update everywhere

I know have voted for it

No wait no I have not could you please post a link because I just looked through all the ideas and could not find it

This is a link to the referred to topic Ideas - chart of accounts
It appears that it never got into the Ideas category due to the developers comments.