New Chart of account import

Hi can i import new chart of account in system

If you have not used Manger before then it is far easier to enter your new chart of accounts manually as described in the guides.

Structuring Accounts

Chart of Accounts: Design a chart of accounts | Build a chart of accounts | Add an account | Delete an account | Set up accounts receivable | Set up accounts payable | Set and display account codes | Add custom control accounts

If you already have a Manager business and you want to duplicate it’s chart of account you can batch delete all data you do not need then use that as a template business.

This is a practice that I strongly advise against unless you have a business with very few transactions. There is a high risk to leave lot of spurious around the business.

Hi davide

i want to import totally new chart of account rather than to open manually in system can it is possible in your system

Currently there is no possibility to batch create and update chart of accounts. It has been under Ideas for a long time I don’t know when it will see the light. @lubos?

The new report transformations can add whatever accounts a report transformation author wants.

I was not aware there was a problem with deleting things in Manager. I thought this worked well.

  1. Batch delete
  2. Backup with no history
  3. Use as a template

@Davide what sort of spurious entries have you found can complicate this.